What is PDO Thread for facelift?

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magik thread

What is PDO Thread? Pdo Thread, also known as Beauty Thread, originally from South Korea; So far, the PDO protein line, which can be absorbed and dissolved by the human body, has made great improvements in technology. POD (Ploydioxanone) was originally a heart suture for heart surgery, on the basis of which it developed into the UltraV-Lifting concept.

Thread is performed by inserting PDO threads into the skin and continuously stimulating the skin and fascial layers for 6-8 months, rearranging the already stiff or sagging muscle tissue, activating fibrous subcells in the skin to produce collagen and elastin, and regenerating the skin. At the same time, the tension of the PDO thread itself tightens the skin.

The traditional facelift method is to focus on the fixed point and direction to pull the loose skin to achieve the effect of lifting and skin firming, the application site is limited, and UltraV-Lifting (protein line) can be lifted in any part in any direction and angle, but also can bring a long-term firming facelift effect, the purchased gland will be naturally absorbed by the body without any side effects. It has the characteristics of short recovery period and immediate effect.

Dermax is a pdo thread manufacturer, if you need low price and high quality pdo thread onthread, please buy high quality pdo thread at Dermax. Dermax’s pdo thread - Magik Thread, allows for immediate yet profound results while minimizing pain and trauma - allowing patients to benefit from a shorter recovery time and providing an alternative for those who may not be ready for surgery or a non-surgical one want option.

pdo thread cost

(1) Simple surgery, return to daily life immediately after surgery

(2) Can regenerate red skin or rough pores into elastic skin

(3) Activates growth factors, whitening effect is significant

(4) If used with PRP (cell regeneration), collagen, etc., freckles can be significantly reduced

(5) Wrinkle removal is immediate and long-lasting, and the facial lifting effect can last for more than two years.

(6) Safe and reliable, no rejection symptoms

In the simplest words,  

It only takes 180 days to absorb the thread, Magik protein thread can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water to be absorbed, harmless and residue-free, and can continue to stimulate collagen synthesis, zero side effects, zero risk, beauty has never been so simple!  

13 hours vacuum chamber sterilization, 6 hours drying, two rounds of inert gas sealed packaging.


1. The large V thread uses W needle (error-correctable design), which is more suitable for novices and rigorous people.  

2, big V, nasal columella, nose bridge four threads, cut with 360 degree serration, strong lifting effect, delay the sagging speed.  

3. Use blunt needles around the eye thread to reduce pain and protect the fine skin around the eyes.  

4, children's face thread - the use of PLA L-polylactic acid is more effective in improving skin texture, stimulating tissue production of more collagen, and maintaining longer than the general thread, reaching 3-5 years.  

5, spiral - fine wave shape, can contact with the subcutaneous tissue more, so that the collagen regeneration ability will be more excellent. It produces 1.8 times more collagen than regular mono.  

6. In the design of the needle, grinding technology and special coating are used, the needle is smoother and the needle body moves freely.  

7, handle - the handle designed with an ergonomic concept has an excellent grip. And the needle direction is marked with a black dot on the handle, which is used for peace of mind.

magik pdo thread