What is Nano Gold Protein Thread

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gold protein thread

What exactly is the golden protein thread? Gold protein thread is a kind of skincare products, not mini surgical products. Nano Gold protein thread actually consists of gold serum and absorbable protein thread which is put on your facial or neck skin. It is through massage to make you skin absorb it. A low price skin care products at Dermax(Opening sales at Dermax, buy 100 sets get 110sets). Nano gold protein thread will give a pdo facelift effect, it is instant lift, no pain for use, no needles. Dermax Gold serum and protein thread set combines the power of two exclusive technologies to renew the look of the epidermis and offer skin a lifting effect. Skin is smoother and brighter, pores are refined. The skin appears tightened. Nano gold serum protine set will give users an instant result. Portein Thread is the newest skincare products for the market which aims to give all people an effect of pdo thread like facelift. Welcome all buyers to try some, or order some boxes to test the waters, Dermax is opening sales now.   

In simple terms, the golden thread is the use of polymer nano collagen line, in the face sprayed with a layer of gold liquid along the lifting direction of this absorbable nano collagen thread on the skin, and then spray the gold liquid so that it is dissolved under the action of the golden liquid enzyme, the dissolved protein line becomes a small molecule of amino acids and peptides, zui dissolved into the gold liquid, and is immediately absorbed by the skin after gently massaging it by hand. At the same time, under the action of ACME-TEA cell activation protein, it promotes effective penetration of the thread, improves the nutrient absorption value, continuously locks in skin moisture, repairs broken fibers, promotes cell recombination and collagen synthesis, in order to achieve anti-aging, wrinkle removal, improve sagging tissue, and reshape facial contours.

Dermax Nano Gold Protein Thread Supply- New Product for the Market(contact Dermax)

How to use golden protein thread?

  • 01
    Spray  Gold Protein Serum on face evenly.
  • 02
    Apply Protein Thread by Dry Hand
    Apply Gold Protein Thread accroding to the skin texture (by dry hand). We recommed amount: 3-4pcs on both side of cheek, 3pcs on forehead, 2pcs on chin.
  • 03
    Spray and Massage
    Spray Gold Protein Serum on face again until Kosence Gold Protein Thread begins to melt, massage until it is aborbed.

Nano Gold Protein Thread vs PDO thread

PDO Thread lifting is totally different. PDO thread treatment to insert absorbable protein beauty threads into the skin by microcannulas, a kind of needle to reduce pain during PDO facelift treatment, so that the hanging skin has a stretching effect, and the buried protein line stimulates the subcutaneous area, generating new collagen can improve wrinkles. is now a very effective way to combat sagging skin and wrinkles.

gold thread