what is hyaluronic acid filler used for

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This new type of hyaluronic acid spreads evenly through the skin, creating a smooth transition between treated and non-treated areas. This anti-wrinkle treatment results in a particularly natural, beautiful appearance. They can easily be injected into the skin, are very stable, and ensure a long-lasting cosmetic result.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are used to plump fine lines, deep expression wrinkles, and improve the overall decline of facial soft tissue. Typically, they are administered using a syringe or cannula and instruct the provider to discard any remaining filler left in the applicator. Fillers are expensive, however, so it can be helpful to save the leftovers for future touch-ups on the same patient.

A recent study examined the potential safety of preserving and reusing HA fillers by evaluating microbial contamination of HA-based fillers stored for extended periods of time after initial cosmetic use by patients. Using the storage protocol designed for this study, the results showed that no samples were contaminated with any bacteria or fungi after a period of 44 days. Buy high quality hyaluronic acid online.