what is botulax 100?

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Botulax is a Korean-made drug that uses standard technology to produce botulinum toxins. It is slowly introduced to the market like many similar products. Cosmetologists only see it and then carefully add it to their repertoire. Patients trust it with their beauty, mostly according to cosmetologists' recommendations. 

Botulax contains three components: The active substance is botulinum toxin in combination with a  hemagglutinating protein in the amount of 50, 100, 150 or 200 units;

Botulax, a common preparation of botulinum toxins for intramuscular injections to correct muscle activity, is known as. It is used in cosmetology to achieve the denervation effect on facial muscles. This results in immobilization of muscles, and elimination of causes that cause facial wrinkles. The already-formed wrinkles are less likely to get deeper and, due to the skin's elasticity, they become gradually smoother. 

Botulax, which contains botulinum toxins as its active ingredient, has the potential to be one of the most well-known and popular drugs. It is still a relatively new product in Russia, with few reviews and not being tested by the public.

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