What cannula is used for fillers?

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micro cannula

Nowadays, medical aesthetic filler injection is becoming more and more fashionable, once the injection cosmetology is basically based on sharp needles, and now the world has begun to use safer blunt needle injection, in recent years domestic doctors have gradually begun to use blunt needles. In fact, blunt needles have been successfully used in autologous fat grafting as early as before, and in recent years, they have been applied to injection filling beauty for safety reasons. Blunt needles are not easy to puncture blood vessels and can reduce some complications, but fine needle injection, accurate positioning, good diffusion, not easy to infect. We should try to choose a large diameter blunt needle. 

Blunt needles with small calibers (such as 27G, 25G), combined with rough operation, are no different from sharp needles, so thicker blunt needles are the key to preventing embolism. (Exceptionally, when the very superficial layer is filled, the risk of entering the blood vessel is low, such as when the shallow tear trough is flat, 25G and 27G blunt needles can also be used.) The injection speed should not be too fast, as this will cause excessive local injection pressure, thereby increasing the possibility of embolization.

Here is what cannula for different part filler injection?

27G, 30G micro cannula for forehead lines filler injection;

25G, 27G micro cannula for brows filler injection;

27G, 30G micro cannula for giabellar;

27G, 25G micro cannula for Nasolabia folds;

Marionette Lines 25G, 27G; 

which cannula to use