Use numb cream before anti-wrinkle injections

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Use ice to numb the skin for a few seconds before injection, OR you can also use numb cream.The most sensitive areas to treat are the lower crows feet, the outer part of the brow and the upper lip.Facial slimmjng treatment is one of the least painful areas to treat as there are less pain fibres in the skin around the jaw area than in other areas of the face.

At the time of injection, they have a slight sting to them, but only for a couple of seconds. You do not leave the clinic in pain at all. They are very well tolerated and some people say they can’t even feel some of them at the time of injection.

Antiaging treatment is used to eliminate dynamic or expression lines. Contraction of a muscle occurs when its fibers are stimulated by electrical impulses. Calcium causes the vesicles that contain the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to bind to the cell membrane of the neuron, releasing acetylcholine to the synaptic space where the neuron meets the muscle fiber, causing it to contract.

numb cream

Sensetive Areas:

  1. Base of the nose (to stop the nose tilting down when smiling)

  2. Upper lip

  3. Frown. Also known as the ‘glabella’, when we treat the very outermost part of the frown it is quite sensitive as we have to inject very superficially.

  4. Lower crows feet. Again, we have to inject superficially but this time to avoid bruising.

  5. Forehead – not a particularly sensitive area to treat except for the outermost part of the forehead in some cases

  6. Facial slimming / tooth grinding – injection into the masseter (bite muscle) is probably the least painful area on the face to treat.