To create a small V face, the first choice is Magik Thread—cog

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Recently, the small V face is very popular. 

It injects the absorbable pdo thread into the face, and pulls it through the traction of the thread to create a V face vision, which makes people feel more three-dimensional and more coordinated. So many doctor friends asked me to recommend PDO  thread about shaping V face.

of course,It is Magik Thread—cog

To create a small V face

High tensile and anchoring strength by Multitouch Technology TM ensures superior skin lifting results.

You can use 4 * 21G/19G/18G 100mm Cog and 2 * 29G 38mm Screw

According to the customer's situation, the face shape can be modified to make the customer look younger.

Of course, different treatment options should be selected according to the actual situation of the client.

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