The role of micro cannula for dermal filler

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dermax supply online

Injectable cosmetology is becoming more and more popular around the world. According to data, the supply and demand of hyaluronic acid for injection in my country is increasing at a rate of about 25% every year. What do you think of the future development of blunt needle injection?

The introduction of blunt needle injection technology into China has indeed made a great contribution to the beauty industry. Although it is said that in Asia, the plastic surgery industry in South Korea is the earliest and the best at present, but in recent years, the domestic plastic surgery industry is also developing rapidly, whether it is double eyelid, mandibular angle, facial contour and injection beauty These aspects have already begun to surpass. I believe that through the efforts of manufacturers and doctors, we will continue to research and develop the technology of blunt needle injection, hoping to create the "beauty of Chinese injection".

The future development of blunt needle injection in China is definitely good, because basically every doctor and even customer who has contact with it can feel this. The biggest advantage of blunt needle injection is safety, which is also what every doctor cares about most when doing any surgery. The postoperative effect is second, and the most important thing is the safety of the patient. On the other hand, the main purpose of Chinese injection of hyaluronic acid is mostly for shaping, the injection is deep, and it is necessary to use blunt needle injection to avoid complications. Hyaluronic acid itself is the safest dermal filler at present. With the same safe sharp needle injection technology, it will definitely be recognized and loved by more and more people.

The selection of needles for hyaluronic acid wrinkle removal—marionette folds.The role of micro cannula for dermal fillerMarionette folds are two wrinkles that extend down the sides of the mouth.

Remove marionette folds and make your clients smile more confidently.

A 25G or 27G blunt needle of CozySculpt was recommended and inject0.5~1 mL per side of hyaluronic acid . 

Reduce the appearance of redness and bruising.

Of course, the appropriate treatment plan should be injected according to the client's situation.

Focus on clients' needs,Make every product carefully.