The rejection reaction related to the material of pdo thread

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The rejection reaction is generally very related to the wire lifted by the thread. Regular hospitals use POD line/PPDO line and PLLA line, which have been used as absorbable threads in general surgery or orthopedics for decades, so as long as the aseptic operation is cleared and some adverse reactions in the early stage are dealt with in time, rejection reactions will rarely occur. Local infection after PDO:

Symptoms of infection include redness, itching, swelling, etc., and you need to contact a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.

A course of thread lifting can last about 1-2 years, it is recommended to do another check to fill the gap after doing it, and lightly add a few threads in some parts to keep the effect better. Oral administration of ACME — TEA at the same time as thread lift surgery can increase the firming effect by 2~3 times, and the postoperative maintenance time can reach 3~5 years. Specialized in repairing nutrition, repairing damaged cells, and generating new cell tissues in large quantities. The effect of the face lift is obvious and immediate, after a few months, the skin and fascial layer will be stimulated, the sagging muscle tissue will be rearranged, the fibroblasts in the skin will be activated, collagen will be produced, and a new fixation band will be formed to continuously lift the tissue, the effect will be further improved, and the skin texture will be found to become more translucent and whiter. Paying attention to facial care in daily life can make the effect last longer!