The reason why there are protrusions on the face after Pdo thread lift

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Advantages of Magik Thread Pdo Thread

It is because the stimulation of the pdo thread regenerates the collagen fibers under the skin, and the face is that the collagen fiber frame is stable and balanced. When the epidermis produces an imbalance of nascent collagen fibers, it can lead to scarring, anew, and scar protrusions. When repairing subcutaneous damage, when the imbalance in collagen fiber generation will lead to uneven skin surface punching surface, preoperative and postoperative need to supplement micro-AMERICAN shield generation in time to prevent postoperative repair from getting out of control, and collapse, unevenness, serious cortical necrosis. Therefore, we should not put the cart before the horse, and pay attention to the results of internal service.

Magik thread contains moisturizing factors that generate too much to fill the gaps in the collagen fiber mesh, which can effectively support and control the collagen fiber frame and ensure the stable balance of the newborn collagen fibers. Ensure the occurrence of collapse, unevenness, cortex necrosis, facial skew, etc.

Do not take collagen after surgery

Preoperative and postoperative can not take a single collagen, because the pdo thread itself is collagen line, but also stimulates its own skin-based collagen regeneration, at this time if the outside world ingests collagen, collagen abnormal accumulation will occur, resulting in collagen mutation, after the accumulation of the recipient will feel facial mutation, facial unevenness, facial incongruity, facial expression stiffness and other pdo thread lift sequelae.

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Advantages of pdo thread lift

1, non-traumatic, fast effect, adapt to a wide range of people.

2, safe, natural. Compared to prosthetic filling, the effect of protein thread is more realistic. Protein thread boosting effective use of dermal layer collagen in the temperature of 60-70 degrees Celsius will produce immediate contraction characteristics, so that Matsuike's skin after treatment effectively feel the upward lifting, tight skin pull effect fruit long-term effect, collagen reconstruction and regeneration, in the two to six months after treatment, stimulated dermal layer collagen will gradually increase, thus promote the dermis layer to restore firmness and elasticity, wrinkles from deep to shallow and gradually disappear.

3, short recovery time. The face lift incision is small and does not allow for large-scale peeling, which greatly shortens the postoperative bandaging time and recovery time.

The effect of protein line enhancement is clinically proven, more than 5 years in European and American countries, is too lack of physical generation in domestic surgical patients, do not remind the necessary generation too ingested, resulting in the effect cycle shortened to 6 months to 12 months, while causing 15% of customers to produce side effects.

Was the operation for protein line pdo thread lift lift successful? We first understand whether the medical place and medical equipment are formal, whether the doctor has qualifications, after the above points are determined, as long as the doctor's operation is smooth and there is no abnormal phenomenon within a few days, the operation is successful.