The most satisfying Crow's feet removing by clients

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Crow's feet is located at the outer corner of the eye. 

Normally, it is not very obvious, but when you are smiling, the crow's feet will become more obvious.It is recommended to use a comprehensive treatment plan of anti wrinkle treatment and PDO for the best effect.

First of all, operate the PDO thread. The used materials are Magik Thread—mono and screw .It is recommended to use 29G/38mm pdo thread in combination with horizontal and vertical,and the density is 3mm*3mm.The level of needle insertion is the bottom layer of the dermis or the superficial layer of the fascia.A wiring scheme of tic-tac-toe and fishtail crossing can be adopted.

Next, dynamic wrinkles for the corners of the eyes, 12-20 units of anti wrinkle treatment are used depending on the situation, and a small needle of 30G/4mm is recommended.

The most satisfying Crows feet removing by clients

Of course, different treatment options should be selected according to the actual situation of the client.

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