the botulinum toxin for forehead wrinkles

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Today We will introduce the botulinum toxin for forehead wrinkles.

Stpe1 Easy guide for forehead treatment

First, which muscles do we need to treat.

These two muscles of the forehead are next to each other.Whenever they're contracted,they go up;whenever they're relaxed,they go down.

the botulinum toxin for forehead wrinkles(1)

Therefore, we need to consider the location of the botulinum toxin injection to avoid drooping eyebrows.

This cutting line is two centimeters above the brow.Therefore, when you are doing frontalis injection, it cannot go below the line.

the botulinum toxin for forehead wrinkles(2)

Stpe2 my recommeded 6&10 point injection sites

If the client has a shorter forehead, you won't need a lot of botulinum

toxin; if the forehead is higher, you'll need to put a little more. So where should you put botulinum toxin?

Let's look at the pictures on the screen together.In general, it is suitable for each customer and can get good results.

For conservative clients, one unit can be injected per point, which can meet their needs.

the botulinum toxin for forehead wrinkles(3)

Next is my 10-point approach.

It worked well for a lot of clients and have a nice dispersion of the product throughout the entire two frontalis muscles .I usually inject one unit in each point.

if someone's looking for a little more aggressive treatment and looking for a little more stiffness,you just have to add an extra one unit,such a total of two units in each point and that's going to work really well.

the botulinum toxin for forehead wrinkles(4)

Of course, the specific treatment plan needs to be based on the actual situation of the client

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