The Advantages Of Butt Dermal filler Augmentation

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-12      Origin: Site

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breast cosmetic filler

With fat for body sculpting becoming a new trend in cosmetic surgery, it is not surprising that butt augmentation through fat grafting is on the rise.

Dermal fillers are FDA-approved injectable medical devices used to address facial aging issues. It functions as a filler, lifting areas in the face that have lost volume. At present, dermal filler usage is limited only to the face, but its off-label use has come to include the Butt Lift. 

The use of dermal fillers for Dermax Butt Lift will give you a good effect. Patients opt for its off-label use for several reasons, including: 

  • Insufficient body fat

  • Uneasiness in undergoing surgery

  • Improvement of previous butt augmentation without additional surgery

Disadvantages of Dermal Fillers in Butt Lift Surgery

The results of using dermal fillers for Brazilian Butt Lift may not be as dramatic and permanent as when fat is utilized. Expectations can be met, but it can also depend on the plastic surgeon’s skill and technique in administering the procedure.

Since dermal fillers are given in small amounts, initial treatment may use several vials to meet the needed volume to enhance the buttocks. Downtime is minimal. However, it would take two to three sessions to achieve the butt shape and size that the patient desires.

Dermal fillers do not come cheap either, especially filler injections made from high-grade materials. This is a major prohibitive factor for its use in a Brazilian Butt Lift. The high cost can lead patients to turn to the black market where fake and low-grade dermal fillers and butt augmentation services are offered at a much lower price.

This is significantly disadvantageous as it will leave them disfigured and dissatisfied with the outcome and highly exposed to fraud injectors, under-trained plastic surgeons, risks, and complications, which can eventually lead to death in the worst cases.