Take you to understand the 4D PDO thread lifting surgery

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magik thread

As we get older, we begin to pay more and more attention to how to make the pace of youth go slower, how to keep the visual youth longer, so a lot of fresh words come into view. What ultrasound, ST, and protein thread boost.  

Maybe many girls think, ah, medical beauty sounds so scary, I just do the action of massaging the face myself. It is okay for young girls to do this, but slowly entering the 30+ girls, long-term massage to achieve a little effect of the effect can no longer meet everyone's urgent mood to quickly restore young skin, so medical beauty is definitely the first choice.  

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Pdo thread face lift is a new type of anti-aging skin beauty surgery in Korea, its appearance can not only effectively make the skin firm and lift, but also protein thread face lift can not see any traces after surgery, can long show the beauty of young skin, so how long does protein thread face lift recover? Through the following article, let's get to know each other together.  

Protein thread face lift uses very fine PDO sutures, facial skin wounds are only the size of pinholes, these small needle holes will naturally heal the scab one to two hours after the face lift, the doctor will apply antibiotics to the wound to prevent infection, every day or two normal face washing makeup is no problem. In about 1 week after the protein thread face-lift, you can combine the beauty of youthful facial skin. As a result, it can effectively and durably tighten the skin and improve the effect of sagging skin.  

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Dermax is a pdo thread manufacturer, if you need low price and high quality pdo thread onthread, please buy high quality pdo thread at Dermax. Dermax’s pdo thread - Magik Thread, allows for immediate yet profound results while minimizing pain and trauma - allowing patients to benefit from a shorter recovery time and providing an alternative for those who may not be ready for surgery or a non-surgical one want option.

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What are the advantages of protein thread face lift technology?  

1. Comprehensive facial youthfulness, the implementation of protein thread facial lifting, according to the beauty seeker's skin aging and the degree of skin sagging and personalized implantation of protein thread, through the combination and fixation of protein thread and fat layer, can effectively lift and firm the beauty of the skin, comprehensive facial skin young renewal.  

2. Contour shaping, protein thread face lifting is completed by lifting the skin in the direction of reverse gravity, and the application of protein thread can effectively lift and tighten the sagging chin, loose skin and cheeks. It can reshape and firm the face and show the beauty of the V-face.  

3. Inhibit aging, the implementation of protein thread face lift, the PDO thread implanted in the superficial layer of the dermis of the skin produces fibrosis in the skin, which can effectively fix and lift the beauty of the face while stimulating the regeneration of skin collagen, can reconstruct the dermal collagen scaffold, and inhibit aging effects such as lifting, fixation, and prevention of sagging and sagging on the skin.