Pdo Vs Plla Vs Pcl Threads, What’s The Difference

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Dissolvable sutures available on the market today are most commonly made of PDO,PLLA, or PCL. All three materials are biocompatible and biodegradable, so how do you determine what key features you need in your threads?

To achieve the best outcomes, it's important to take into consideration the individual patients age, skin texture, treatment area, level of tissue laxity, and medical history. Their concerns and evaluation should give better insight to the role these threads play in their treatment plan, be it approximation,anchorage, fixation, volumization, stimulation of collagen, absorption rate, etc.

Providers should explore the different types of threads in order to provide the best possible results for their patients.

1. PDO Threads

PDO thread is biodegradable via hydrolysis in 6-8 months.

Non-antigenic and nonpyogenic polymer that causes minimal tissue reaction or adverse effects.

Studies show PDO to induce various tissue changes and neocollagenesis

Has a long safety track record in orthopedic cardiovascular surgery.

PDO thread manufacture

2. PLLA Threads

PLLA thread is biodegradable via hydrolysis in 14-18 months.

Synthetic polymer extracted from Alpha Hydroxy Acid ( AHA ).

Same material as injectable PLLA treatment Devolux.

Has been safely used in various clinical applications for years.

( ie . dissolvable sutures , intrabone implants , and soft-tissue implants )

PLLA thread manufacture

3. PCL Threads

PCL thread is Biodegradable via hydrolysis in 16-24 months

Crystallinity of PCL gives it a high hydrophobicity , which translates to slow rate of degradation compared to PDO or PLLA.

Studies show PCL to stimulate production of type I and Ill collagen.

Relatively new material in the US market compared to PDO or PLLA. 

4. PDO Threads Manufacture

As the most popular PDO thread in the market, Magik Thread has a variety of models, which can be used for different treatment reasons and areas. The treatment effect is remarkable, due to which it is favored by most aesthetic doctors and nurse.

PDO thread manufacture

Come and discover for yourself the robust and diverse line of Magik Thread PDO threads available in the market today.

pdo thread supplier

Dermax Co., Ltd. is a world-leading provider in the medical aesthetics area and has been vigorously engaged in the development, production and marketing of PDO thread, hyaluronic acid filler, poly-L-lactic acid filler and microcannula, comes with brands -- Magik Thread, Aqua Secret, Devolux and Sutux.

With the faith of winning by quality and sincere service, Dermax Co., Ltd provides the best service for all the customers. The company strictly operates on the highest regulatory standards in compliance with local and international directives. Product safety is secured by state of the art sterilization techniques and rigorous quality assurance.


Dermax help patients realize their own individual beauty goals by continuously developing new technologies that are clinically proven and effective.


Dermax meet individual patient aspirations and supply practitioners with the right tools to provide a holistic treatment approach. Our ambition is to continue to develop innovative aesthetic solutions to exceed patients’expectations.

Ok, have you got it yet? Which kind of threads do you usually use for the treatments? What’s the results? Welcome to leave a message below the video, for more information please contact me by whatsapp! Thank you.