PDO thread operation method material

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magik thread

Magik pdo protein thread new product pdo exclusive agent, operation, technology, after-sales one-stop service! Combined with 100,000 domestic clinical experience, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of PDO and PCL protein thread, and select the latest material PDO material from the material, that is, maintain the hardness of PDO, take into account the flexibility of PCL, ensure the tension of sawtooth, and have poor foreign body sensitivity.  

Magik pdo protein thread has a professional R&D and production team, the manufacturer is located in China, the raw materials come from Korean manufacturers, with more than ten years of professional implantable medical device production experience. Magik protein thread adopts automatic aseptic production equipment, strict quality inspection, sterilization and packaging process, every link is safe and controllable, has obtained the gmp certification issued by KFDA of South Korea, ISO13485, CE and other medical production licenses, magik full range of products are based on rigorous science and poetic aesthetics perfect combination of presentation.  

Fish bone thread large v facelift- Ankor King

can withstand strong tension, the subcutaneous tissue is reliably fixed through the triangle into the skin tissue, the surrounding collagen newly generated connective tissue is wrapped, 360° all-round fixation of the skin tissue, the thread will not move and shift, the effect is obvious and long-lasting.  

100% imported flat shark teeth Embossingthread(Super Rally King)  

Cold embossing large Vthreadbullet blunt needle

No fear of test comparison, the pull is strong enough!  

Patented serrated tooth design, strong bite force, never off the line!  

Immediate improvement effect.

Single pull force above 50N.

Ankor King Dermax Year end Sale- Contact Dermax

pdo thread cost

the problem you may encounter when facelift


hematoma and thread embedding operation is more likely to appear early, especially the use of sharp needle zigzag line, buried too deeply, punctured the facial artery, will occur outside the corner of the mouth - an area instantly bulging large bags, the same size as eggs, at this time to see more should be calmer not neck ring, at this time you need to press the bulging bag with your hand for 5 minutes, then take a 5 ml syringe to tie it to the middle of the hematoma to collect the blood, and then continue to press for a few minutes, know that there is no bleeding, and then compress and bandage for 24 hours, The situation can basically stabilize, and the remaining blood accumulation will generally be absorbed within 2 weeks, and there is no major problem.  


The operator's technical problems are very important, whether it is a small line or a serrated big V, buried too shallow, small line buried too shallow There is no way, knead more, wait for the line body to absorb, in a few months it will be fine. The serrated line is buried shallowly to form a skin traction depression, which must be treated immediately without delay. The treatment method is also relatively simple, press the depression position firmly with your fingers, and rub it a few times by the way. Let the serrations of the large V line slip off the skin, and the position of the depression is corrected. If the large V line is buried shallowly protruding from the skin, it can be directly clamped with forceps and withdrawn.  

Facial asymmetry

There are two main reasons,  

The first is that the customer itself has asymmetry, the number of lines is not well communicated with the customer, and the customer feels that he has a little difference after the operation, and he thinks that the asymmetry is the effect you made. The second is that the force on both sides is different when you operate, resulting in asymmetry on the face. Whatever the reason, it is the lack of good communication and design before surgery, good communication and design with customers before surgery, and careful care during surgery can basically avoid such problems.