Pdo Thread Lift Korea

Brand Name: Magik Thread
Product name: Magik Pdo Threads Wholesale
Model Number: Mono/Tornado/Screw/Cog/ Blunt Cannula type
Properties: Injection & Puncture Instrument
Material: PDO
Name: Magik Thread PDO Thread
Certificate: CE ISO
Size: 19G, 20G, 21G, 23G, 25G, 26G, 27G, 29G, 30G
Application: Skin rejuvenation
Feature: Easy to operate
Packing: 5pcs/bag, 10pcs/bag, 50pcs/bag
Item: Device

Korea Pdo Thread Lift 

Magik Thread is made of PDO (Polydioxanone), it is a thread with no cones, thus no damage to the tissue. This is the same thread used in Cardiac and other surgeries as sutures, and thus it is very safe.

Threads are implanted into the sub-dermal skin and stimulate the production of collagen and the skin becomes firmer, elastic and moisturised. The thread dissolves itself in couple of months but the effect last for 12-18 months.

The thread can be applied to anywhere on the body, such as a flabby face, cheeks, eyebrows, to prevent eye bags, sagging neck skin, fine lines, wrinkles and lifting of breast. Get a quotation about Pdo Threads Wholesale as soon as possible!

magik pdo thread

Details Of Korea Pdo Thread Lift

Product Name: Magik Thread

Application: Skin Rejuvenation / Face Lift

Application areas: Cheeks / eyes / forehead / neck / lip / arm / chest buttock

Yarn Type: Plain Yarn / Barbed Yarn

Needle Type: Sharp / Blunt L / Blunt W / Double Needle

Properties: Medical Adhesive and Suture Material

: PDO (polydioxanone)

Workshop Class: Class 10000 Clean Room

Certificate: CE ISO


EO Sterilization Package Type: EO Sterilized Packaging / Aluminum Foil Bag Packaging

PDO Threads are an innovative and reasonable new non-surgical way to achieve a facelift. Over the years, gravity takes its toll and the thin skin around the face, neck, and jaw begins to sag. Facelift surgery has been carried out for over 100 years, and the demand is not going away.

What is changing, however, is the interest in alternative and less invasive options. More and more people are moving away from the idea of plastic surgery and looking for ways to enhance the human body's own internal youth-boosting properties- something science is making increasingly possible as the years pass. With the focus shifting towards non-surgical and as close to natural as possible, treatments such as PDO Thread lifts are becoming increasingly popular. No general anaesthetic or cutting requires, this lifting procedure delivers great results without the risks.If you are interested in Pdo Threads Wholesale,welcome to CONTACT US when you free.

Pdo Threads Wholesale

Applications Of Pdo Korea Thread Lift 

Loose skin with wrinkles The thread can lift the skin immediately The thread dissolved and stimulate collegen regeneration

Pdo Threads Wholesale

Pdo Threads Wholesale

Pdo Threads Wholesale

Before After Continuous Effect

Pdo Threads Wholesale

Pdo Threads Wholesale

Pdo Threads Wholesale

Material is safe and absorbable 20-40 minutes for the treatment Effect is natural but obvious

Polydioxanone (PDO) is a protein-based thread that is even thinner than a strand of hair. They are injected beneath the skin and work to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Each of these substances is vital for a healthy, youthful glow and firm skin.

As well as encouraging natural chemicals and acids, the PDO relaxes facial muscles and tendons. Blood flow to the area is also increased because the body detects foreign tissue.

The biodegradable thread dissolves after roughly three months, by which time the natural regeneration is underway, meaning your body is effectively giving itself a facelift.If you are interested in Pdo Threads Wholesale,welcome to CONTACT US!