What is pdo thread? advantages of pdo

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What is pdo thread? Where can pdo thread act at? Whats the ADVANTAGES of pdo thread?

What is pdo thread?

PDO thread was first invented by a Korean company, and the main material is polydioxanone, which is a clinically proven,biocompatible and bioabsorbable material that is widely used in medical suturing. PDO threads, is a safe and effective absorbable suture that is used to pull soft tissues of the sagging skin to a desired position.

Pdo thread has gained great popularity in clinics of South Korea and worldwide.

What is pdo thread advantages of pdo

Where can pdo thread act at?

It can act at facial and body such as brow, cheek,neck, arms, legs, buttocks even.

1-volumize facial wrinkles, such as glabellar wrinkles.

2-facial lifting, such as brow lifting, cheek lifting,

3-tighten sagging skin

4-sculpt without surgery

5-for fox eye and cat eys.

What is pdo thread advantages of pdo (3)

Whats the ADVANTAGES of pdo thread?

1) No surgery: The pdo thread treatment procedure is a minimally invasive treatment without surgery, which is safer and less risky.

2) No down-time: The recovery period after treatment is 3-7 days, with slight swelling.

3) Long lasting effect: the duration of action is approximately 12 months, up to 18 month.

4) Collagen Regeneration: Promotes collagen regeneration at the treatment area.

What are the models of pdo thread? Which models to choose for different area treatments? Next video, We will introduce the related content . Welcome to subscribe this channel to learn more. See you next time, bye bye.