Nasal hyaluronic acid injection and to avoid embolism

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hyaluronic acid (2)

All hyaluronic acid injections are inseparable from blunt needles and sharp needles, when should we use blunt needles, when to use sharp needles, or blunt needles and sharp needles combined injection!

Introduce the blood vessels and danger zone in the nose. We look down from above, the I segment, that is, the nasal bone segment, has two parallel blood vessels called the dorsal nasal artery, so we must inject along the midline of the nose when injecting, if it deviates from the midline, hyaluronic acid may be injected into the dorsal nasal artery, resulting in embolism. Looking down, we can see that there is a transverse blood vessel at the junction of nasal cartilage and hard bone, that is, at the junction of segments I and II, which is called the danger zone.

nose injection

nose injection 2

nose injection part 3

For the complicated blood vessels of the nose, we only need to remember two points, one is the dorsal nasal artery parallel on both sides of the nose, and the other is the transverse blood vessels that communicate on both sides of the risk area.

● Segment I: Use sharp needles

directly on the bone surface to avoid piercing the main blood vessels (bone surface capillary embolism does not matter)

● Segment II: Use a blunt needle, but do not penetrate the stone area (if you are experienced and skilled in manual manipulation, you can also use sharp needle injection)

Specific injection method

In Segment I, sharp needles are used to inject, the injection level is on the bone, the needle should be bent, suitable for the curvature of the bone surface, and the inclined side of the needle is facing up (hyaluronic acid is outflowed upward and injected).

When injecting, lift the skin to give the needle more space to avoid damaging blood vessels, and can also be used for deep injections on any part of the face.

When near the injection danger zone, the sharp needle will pierce the cartilage (skilled people can master cartilage layer injection), unskilled people can make the needle tip bevel still up, stick to the bone surface, bolus hyaluronic acid injection, use your fingers to squeeze the hyaluronic acid towards the tip of the nose.

After that, the skin of the nose is pierced with a broken needle until the tip of the needle touches the cartilage.

When the blunt needle reaches near the danger zone, you will feel a clear sense of resistance, at this time, you should push hyaluronic acid while retracting the needle, and slowly inject and shape the nasal shape.

In general, this injection method can avoid embolism well and achieve a good nose shaping effect.

Aqua Secret dermal hyaluronic acid dermax_副本

Hyaluronic acid treatment to embolization 

After hyaluronic acid injection, vascular embolism is commonly manifested by pain and changes in skin color, and the skin appears pale, spotted or bluish-purple. (especially distal erythema or large area of erythema) Therefore, the doctor should closely observe the skin changes during injection, timely detect possible vascular embolism, once it appears, should immediately distal compression, and give steroid hormones, low molecular weight heparin sodium and aspirin, as well as drugs such as danshen.