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Mesotherapy Supplies

What Is Mesotherapy Supplies

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive technique that uses injections of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to the ‘mesoderm’-the middle layer of the skin-  to rejuvenate and tighten skin. It is also used to treat pigmentation, dark circles and fine lines under the eyes which can enhance your other treatments. Mesotherapy is a treatment that can ensure that your skin gets the nutrition it needs.

Goals and Advantages of Mesotherapy Supplies:

This procedure guarantees the maximum penetration of active substances, so its effect exceeds anything obtained by using other methods of introducing them. Generally, mesotherapy aims at the elimination of scarring or some other skin defects (including pigmentation after acne), fighting against cellulite, some forms of dermatitis and skin diseases of the head. It is also useful in the prevention of hair loss and stimulation of its further growth. Very likely mesotherapy is recommended in the case of recovery and healing of the skin after various plastic corrections.

In comparison with other cosmetic procedures, mesotherapy has a number of undoubted advantages:

  1. absence of surgical intervention;

  2. the high efficiency of the result and the speed of its development;

  3. strictly local effects of injected agents without affecting the whole body;

  4. the procedure of mesotherapy of the body is physiological, low-traumatic and almost painless;

  5. minimum age limits;

  6. minimum of contraindications;

  7. slight risk of complications and side effects;

  8. excellent compatibility with other cosmetic procedures.

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Mesotherapy Supplies Introduction

The mesotherapy products are essential for this particular therapy, so you need to acquire them from suitable sources. Because it is introduced right into the skin, having a trusted choice for getting products is instrumental. We list some of the best products for mesotherapy and why choose them.


NutriDerm® is a compound hyaluronic acid based skin booster that has a triple action effect, contain hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin and L-carnosine. NutriDerm® hydrates the skin, increases elasticity by stimulating collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles for face and neck. Get a quotation about NutriDerm®

mesotherapy supplies


Mesocel® contains hyaluronic acid and a variety of amino acid, which can make skin on the neck, face and hands appear smoother, less wrinkled and more hydrated with an increased plumpness. The skin becomes smooth and hydrated for a refreshed and healthy look. Mesocel can be used on the skin of face, neck, décolletage and hands. Get a quotation about Mesocel®

mesotherapy supplies mesocel


Prejuva® produced by thermal HylaFuse Technology™ is one of the highest concentration injectable hyaluronic acid (32mg L-HA and 32mg H-HA, totalling 64 mg of HA). Prejuva® is not only boosting and hydrating the skin, but also remodels the aging and sagging tissue. Get a quotation about Prejuva®

mesotherapy prejuva

Why Choose Our Products?

Significant Results

Mesotherapy ensures that the clients can see results only if the mesotherapy products are authentic. All our mesotherapy supplies will work great and get you outstanding results.

Best Prices

Over the years, we have tried to get you the best mesotherapy products and that too at a completely affordable price range!

Good Quality

We Dermax is founding 20 years ago, has Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) provides manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance, which ensures that products are safe for human consumption or use. Approved by CE, ISO, SFDA, products are con-sistently in high quality.

For more information about our stocks and our services, contact us today.

mesotherapy supplier Dermax