Magik Thread® Pdo Double Needle Thread

Brand Name: Magik Thread® pdo Double needle thread
Model: Double Needle Thread
Applicable parts: Face and body
Shelf life: 2 years
Origin: South Korea
Packing: 1pcs/bag
Certificate: CE ISO
  • Magik Thread®

Magik Thread® Pdo Double Needle Thread

What Is Magik Thread PDO Double Needle Thread?

PDO (Polydioxanone) double needle thread is a type of surgical suture material used in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, particularly in minimally invasive facelifts and skin tightening treatments. PDO is a synthetic, absorbable polymer that has been widely used in medical applications.

The double needle thread refers to the fact that the PDO threads are often pre-loaded onto needles at both ends. This allows for a more efficient and time-saving insertion of the threads into the skin. The threads are inserted into the subcutaneous tissue, and as they dissolve over time, they stimulate collagen production, leading to improved skin firmness and tightness.

PDO threads come in various types, including mono threads (single strands) and cog threads (barbed or notched threads). The choice of thread type depends on the specific goals of the treatment and the area being treated. It's important to note that the use of PDO threads is typically performed by trained medical professionals and should be done in a clinical setting. Get a quotation about Magik Thread pdo double needle thread.

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There are two different models:

Double Needle Cog: 25 degree angle cutting and forming.

Molding Cog Double Needle: One-piece extrusion molding.

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Advantage Of Magik Thread Pdo Double Needle Thread

1. Both models provide strong support, high tension intensity. With the Molding Cog model offering 3 times more anchor and tensile strength than other cut cog threads.

2. Bi-Directional twin bards and the hook force is evenly distributed. In this way, each barb is evenly hooked into the tissue, and the lifting and shaping effect is more obvious.

3. Easier to operate than other existing Cog Threads.


lf you want to create a V-Linge face, Double Needle Cog is your best choice.

Also it could used fornone surgical brow lift.

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