What is Magik Thread?
Magik thread is safe and effective the thread that is used to pull and approximate soft tissues of the sagging skin to the desired position. 
The procedure is simple and done through local anesthesia. 
Patients will experience minimal pain, minimal scarring, and a rapid recovery.
Magik Advantages

Safe Raw Material of Polydioxanone

Biodegradable and stimulates the activation of collagen production.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Limited scarring and rapid recovery.

Absorbable MAGIK PDO Thread

Absorbable by hydrolysis and does not stay inside the body permanently.

Patented Molding Pressed MAGIK PDO

Moulded MAGIK PDO has helically positioned. unique barbs that are durable and maintain structural integrity. In comparison.

Patented 360°, 6D Helical Barbs

6D helical barbs provide maximum anchoring and tensile strength by fixing and supporting the skin tissue in all directions.

Compatible to Use With Fillers

MAGIK PDO can be used in combination with fillers for a higher optimized lifting and augmentation results
Magik Thread Selection
Magik thread includes many models, Mono, Mono screw, Tornado screw, COG etc.
There are many types of COG, which can be roughly divided into two types: pointed and blunt. The index tip and the short tip do not harm blood vessels, so there is less bleeding and bruising, low swelling rate, and high customer satisfaction.
Mono Needle Gauge Needle Size
Mono 26G 90mm
27G 38mm, 50mm
29G 38mm, 50mm, 60mm
30G 25.4mm, 38mm
Mono L-Blunt (Eye Thread)
Mono Needle Gauge Needle Size
Mono L-Blunt (Eye Thread) 30G 25.4mm
Mono Screw
Screw Needle Gauge Needle Size
Mono Screw 27G 38mm, 50mm
29G 38mm, 50mm
Tornado Screw
Screw Needle Gauge Needle Size
Tornado Screw 26G 38mm, 60mm, 90mm
27G 38mm, 50mm, 90mm
Cog 3 1
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size
Cog 3-1 21G 60mm, 100mm
Cog 3 1 L-Blunt Nose Thread
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size

Cog 3-1 L Blunt

(Nose Thread)

19G 25mm
Cog 4 1
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size

Cog 4-1

19G 100mm
Cog 3D
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size
Cog 3D 19G 100mm
21G 60mm,100mm
Cog 3D L-Blunt
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size
Cog 3D L-Blunt 19G 100mm
Cog 4d L-Blunt
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size
Cog 4d L-Blunt 19G 100mm
21G 60mm, 100mm
Cog 4D W-Blunt
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size
Cog 4D W-Blunt 18G 100mm
Cog 6D W-Blunt
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size
COG 6D W Blunt 18G 100mm
Molding Cog
Cog Needle Gauge Needle Size
Molding cog 18G 100mm
After sell Service of Magik Thread 
If there're any quality problems within 2 year, please send photo to us, new products for replacement will be sent immediately.

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Application of Magik Thread
Regarding the application of Magik Thread, different models, different sizes are suitable for different treatment and different body parts.
About Dermax
Dermax Co., Ltd. specializes in the medical aesthetics area and has been vigorously engaged in the development, production and marketing of PDO thread, hyaluronic acid filler and microcannula. Dermax Co., Ltd has it's own independent brands - Magik Thread, Aqua Secret and Sutux. Besides, Dermax Co., Ltd supplies Lipolab, Liporase, skin whitening injections, etc.
With the faith of winning by quality and sincere service, Dermax Co., Ltd provides the best service for all the customers. The company strictly operates on the highest regulatory standards in compliance with local and international directives. Product safety is secured by state of the art sterilization techniques and rigorous quality assurance.
Now Dermax Co., Ltd already has a stable and mature global market network and a large number of loyal consumers. In future, the company will send higher quality products to consumers in a more convenient and efficient way.
History of Dermax
Raw Material Comparison
1. Cannula Tip
Magik Thread
Magik thread cannula tip is smooth and tube wall is clean.It's easy to insert into skin and reduce pain for patient.
Other Company Thread
Other company cannula tip is crude and there are some burrs on the tube wall. Relatively speaking, this product must be difficult to insert into skin and increase pain for patient.
2. Suture Material
Magik Thread
The thread used by Magik Thread is produced by the world's largest supplier-South Korea samyang, which can be completely absorbed in the human body within 6-9 months.
Other Company Thread
Other company uses low-quality thread, and medical accidents often occur, which is harmful to humans.
3. Barb of Cog Thread
Magik Thread
Magik Thread barb is long and smooth. It would be easy to hang on the skin and lasting for about 6-8 months.
Other Company Thread
Other company's barb is so short and curly. What would be the result? Yes, it is very difficult to hang on the skin thus lifting effect effect is not that good. And duration time would be at least 2 months shorter.
4. Barb Distance
Magik Thread
Barb distance of Magik Thread is 1.5mm.
Other Company Thread
While that of other company is 1.8mm
Production Management System
The next part is about the quality control system for Magik Thread.
During the whole process, Asepsis and Humidy are the most important 2 points.
PDO Thread as a Class 3 medical equipment inserted into human beings' skin, it's asepsis must be assued by the manufacturer.
This photo is about our workshop for Magik Thread. Yes, it's a 10,000 class clean room, in which the dust bigger than 5micron should be less 2000/cubic meter.
For another important point humidity, it directly related with the tention and life span of the products. 
PDO Thread would become fragile even very easy to be break once it exposed in the air, as moisture would accelate the decomposition of thread, so air restance especially  water resistance is so important.  
In Dermax, Raw material of Magik Thread are being kept in vacuum drying oven after unpacking.
After production, we use Moisture tester for testing to ensure the humidity of each thread belows 500 parts per million
Then 99% High concentration nitrogen repeatedly filter the  thread to make them dried and purified.
Finanlly Dessicant added in each bag, vacuum packed for aluminum foil bag.
That's why Tension of Magik Thread reaches 4.5N, such a strong strength. 
Other company cog thread tension is about 3.2N.Little lifting effect.
And  guarantee period for Magik Thread is 2 year. That of compatible products is just 1 year.
Packaging System
EO Sterilized pouch + Aluminum foil bag 
Packed for Delivery
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