Magik pdo thread, facelift beauty hot products

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magik thread

Magik pdo protein thread has a professional R&D and production team, the manufacturer is located in China, the raw materials come from Korean manufacturers, with more than ten years of professional implantable medical device production experience. Magik protein thread adopts automatic aseptic production equipment, strict quality inspection, sterilization and packaging process, every link is safe and controllable, has obtained the gmp certification issued by KFDA of South Korea, ISO13485, CE and other medical production licenses, magik full range of products are based on rigorous science and poetic aesthetics perfect combination of presentation.  magik-thread

Magik protein thread, as an important part of the OIE product thread, has been warmly sought after by the market since its launch, and has shaped a very high market reputation.  

Material of Magik pdo protein thread

Polymer material made of PPDO, good biocompatibility,  

No tissue reaction, no foreign body residue,  

In the simplest words,  

It only takes 180 days to absorb the thread, Magik protein thread can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water to be absorbed, harmless and residue-free, and can continue to stimulate collagen synthesis, zero side effects, zero risk, beauty has never been so simple!  

13 hours vacuum chamber sterilization, 6 hours drying, two rounds of inert gas sealed packaging.

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Dermax’s Magik PDO Threads are different types of Pdo thread like Mono, Screw and COG types.

Magik PDO Thread offers the strongest threads on the market with its innovative patented technology where the barbs are compression molded and configured in a 360 degree spiral pattern. Magik PDO Thread Technology allows for immediate yet profound results while minimizing pain and trauma - allowing patients to benefit from a shorter recovery time and providing an alternative for those who may not be ready for surgery or a non-surgical one want option. Magik PDO threads are quickly becoming a popular minimally invasive alternative to surgical facelifts due to the emergence of the Cat Eye, V-thread and Snatched Jawthread trends.