Macrolite 10 Ml Dermal Filler

Aqua Secret Macrolite injection formulas are completely safe and made of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid found everywhere in the body.Macrolite is used for breast augmentation and buttock augmentation with a long lasting result of 12-18 months.
Brand: Aqua Secret Macrolite
Volume: 10ml 20ml
Ingridient: Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid
Application Range: face and body 
Material: hyaluronic acid, various amino acids
Quality Certification: CE, ISO 
Application: skin rejuvenation, moisturizing 
  • Macrolite

Macrolite 10 ml Dermal Filler

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Macrolite 10 ml dermal filler

Macrolite 10 ml Dermal Filler Derscription

While most professional-grade skin 10 ml dermal fillers go only as far as to smooth facial lines and wrinkles, this world-class medical product serves as a speedy and safe alternative to cosmetic surgeries. It can be injected directly into the soft tissue to add volume to areas such as the breasts or the buttocks. Compared to a plastic surgical procedure, this option is minimally invasive with minimal downtime and it does not require the use of anesthetics.

  • Durability: 12-18 months

  • Main ingredient: stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

  • Shelf life: 24 months

  • Side effects: rare, mild and short-lived (redness, bruising, swelling, etc.)

  • Uses: painless breasts enhancement and buttocks augmentation

An innovative cosmetic product worthy of your trust

Macrolite 10 ml dermal filler is a patient-friendly dermal filler that was developed by the best aesthetic supplier Dermax. It is fully biocompatible and the HA in its structure is 100% biodegradable. The product comes in a single-use glass syringe that has a ergonomically-designed plunger that delivers smooth, accurate and pain-free injection. More information about Macrolite 10 ml dermal filler, please contact us.

The Technologies Of Macrolite 10 ml Dermal Filler

Hintensy™ Technology

Aqua Secret Macrolite uses a manufacturing process called Hintensy™ technology. Hintensy™ technology nests particles of different sizes (100-1000 microns) uniformly in a specific ratio, so gaps between particles have been eliminated greatly. HINTENSY™ technology gives Aqua Secret a special smooth-gel structure that holds up over time.

Hintensy™ technology greatly reduces the possibility of displacement, which can strongly support the treatment area, and achieve the best shaping effect.

10 ml dermal filler

Hylatwine™ Technology

Hylatwine™ technology enables Aqua Secret to fully self-cross linked, and form a stable structure physically, which greatly reduce the usage of cross-linker.

10 ml dermal filler

Why Macrolite 10 ml Dermal Filler?

  • Powerful shaping;

  • Naturally Smooth;

  • Safe and Reliable;

  • Comfor Treatment;

  • Aqua Secret Macrolite 10 ml dermal filler Injection has passed CE, ISO and SGS.

  • Small HA particles enable easy modeling of the desired shape

  • In contrast to other fillers, Macrolite 10 ml dermal filler ensure the filler’s prolonged effect

  • Compared to other fillers, it has a higher viscosity to prevent deformation, creates volume, and longer duration

  • Possibility “to try” larger breasts or buttocks (before using implants)

  • General anesthesia is not required

  • No incisions and no scars; Quick recovery period (compared to plastic surgery)

The Procedure Of 10 ml Dermal Filler

The procedure of administering a 10 ml dermal filler for breast or buttock augmentation involves several key steps. Firstly, the patient's medical history is reviewed to ensure eligibility and safety. The treatment area is then cleansed, and a local anesthetic may be applied to minimize discomfort.

For breast augmentation, the filler is injected strategically into specific areas of the breast tissue to achieve the desired volume and shape. The procedure requires precision to create a natural-looking enhancement. The buttock augmentation process involves injecting the filler into targeted areas of the buttocks to enhance volume and contour.

During the injections, the practitioner carefully monitors the distribution of the filler to avoid asymmetry and ensure a balanced outcome. The quantity of filler used is typically determined based on the patient's aesthetic goals and the initial assessment of the treatment area.

Post-procedure, patients are advised on aftercare, which may include avoiding strenuous activities and massaging the treated area as recommended. Periodic follow-up appointments may be scheduled to assess the results and address any concerns.

It's crucial for individuals considering these procedures to consult with a qualified and experienced practitioner to discuss their goals, expectations, and potential risks associated with the use of dermal fillers for breast or buttock augmentation. Get a quotation about Macrolite 10 ml dermal filler. 

10 ml dermal filler

10 ml dermal filler

10 ml dermal filler

10 ml dermal filler



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