Name: Liporase Material: Hyaluronidase 1500u Packaging: 10 vials/box Function: To Dissolve the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers To increase the effect of lipolysis injection To increase the diffusion of local anesthesia Original: Korea
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Liporase injection is a spreading substance. It is used with other medicines given under the skin to improve their uptake by the body. This method of drug delivery is only used when the drug cannot be given by injection into a vein. Liporase injection is also used to increase absorption of fluids or medicines that are injected into your skin. It also used to help improve absorption of radioactive substances during a procedure called subcutaneous urography.

  Product Uses


  • Mix 3cc of saline to 1 vial of Hyaluronidase, it could disslove 3cc of hyaluronic acid.

  • Hyaluronidase is injected, along with lidocaine (and sometimes epinephrine), into the area where the fller needs to be dissolved.

  • Hyaluronic acid filler will start to be dissolve right away, and it will be absorb by the body in a few hours.


  • Build the impact of PPC treatment for fat evacuation: blend 2 ampoules of PPC with 1 vial of Liporase.

  • LLD Treatment for fat evacuation (as PPC treatment)

  • For stomach fat: utilize 4~6 vials, blend 1cc saline water with 1 vial of Liporase.

  • The patient ought to set down and infuse on the fat layer in a vertical bearing.

  • Squeeze with fingers for each 8~ 10cm and infuse in a vertical bearing with the 26G needle.

  • Can be rehashed once per week for 2~4 times for treatment.

  • Liporase has parcel less swelling, iritation and torment, contrasted with PPC treatment.

  • Compared to PPC, less sum is infused on the same territory, consequently is less agonizing for patients.


  • Subcutaneous injection (bulk subcutaneous injection)

Dissolve 1,500 l.U. as hyaluronidase in 1 mL of water for injection or physiological saline injection, and inject into the affected area before starting subcutaneous injection, or at the beginning of the injection into a tube approximately 2 cm above the injection needle. When administering 500-1000 mL of sap, 1,500 l.U. is appropriate. In children and the elderly, the rate and total dosage of fluids should be carefully controlled, especially in the case of renal impairment.

  • Subcutaneous or Muscle Injection

Dissolve 1 ,500 l.U. of Glutamate directly in the solution to be administered.

  • Local Anesthetic

Dissolve in 1 ,500 l.U. of Local Anesthetic Injection. For ophthalmic use, a concentration of 15 I.U./mL is recommended.

  • Extravasation

If diffusion occurs rather than topically, dissolve 1 ,500 l.U. of L. pylori in 1 mL of water or physiological saline solution and infiltrate the lesion as soon as possible after vascular outlow.

  • Hematoma

Dissolve 1 ,500 l.U. in 1 mL of water for injection or saline solution and infiltrate the affected area.

This drug is dissolved in the solution to be administered with about 1 mL of water for injection immediately before use.

Subcutaneous injections should be isotonic with extracellular fluid in the body. It can be combined with commonly used infusions. A large number of subcutaneous injections has been reported with physiological saline, 0.18% sodium chloride 4% glucose, 0.45% sodium chloride 2.5% glucose and 5% glucose injection.

Potassium is administered at 34 mmol/ L in isotonic glucose or physiological saline.

Fluid-containing fluids are more suitable than fluid-free fluids and should not be injected too quickly. It is used in combination with morphine, diamorphine, hydromorphine, chlorpromazine, metoclopramide, promazine, dexamethasone, local anesthetics and epinephrine.

   Product Storage


  • Liporase(Liporase injection) Ovine is supplied sterile as 200 USP Units/ mL of ovine Liporase non-preserved, 1.2 ml in a single-use 2 mL glass vial with a rubber stopper and aluminum seal.

  • Protect from light.

  • Store unopened vial in refrigerator at 2° to 8°C (35° to 46°F).

  • Do not freeze.

  • Storage of Configuration Liquid: 

  • The formulated lysozyme is extremely unstable in aqueous solution and should be prepared before use. The remaining solution can be stored at temperatures below 30 degrees for 2 weeks, but if it is discolored or precipitated, it cannot be reused.


Hyaluronic acid enzyme cannot be injected within 48 hours after the injection of botulinum toxin because hyaluronic acid enzyme promotes the severe diffusion of botulinum toxin.

To avoid some acute and chronic diseases, there are still some drugs orally, especially guests who have a history of allergies.

The interval between the injection of hyaluronic acid and the injection of hyaluronic acid is generally safe at intervals of one week. If an emergency occurs, the interval is 72 hours. This is related to the absorption of the drug.

 overdose treatment;

Excessive injection can cause local edema, allergic manifestations: erythema, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and decreased blood pressure. Stop the drug promptly and use supportive therapy. First aid can be used adrenaline, corticosteroids and antihistamines.

Solubilized skin test;

Lysin skin test, take 0.02ml intradermal injection of 150u/ml concentration of the liquid, such as the presence of pseudo-foot rash within 5 minutes, lasting 20-30 minutes, and itching sensation, shown as positive. However, transient erythema occurs locally due to vasodilation and is not positive.

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