Mesotherapy Injections For Fat Loss

Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss is a fat melting injection that uses mesotherapy, or injections of vitamins and substances that target fatty cells, to reduce localised deposits of fat and cellulite. A less invasive alternative to liposuction, Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss will slowly dissolve the targeted areas of fat after treatment, allowing the body to slowly and naturally remove the undesirable cells over a period of weeks.
Product Name:Lipo Lab 
Package:10 vials in one box Size:9*7*19cm 
Weight:0.35kg / box 
Main ingredients:Phosphatidylcholine 1000mg / Deoxycholate 5mg / L- carnitine 200mg 
Cettifcate: KFDA, GMP
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Meso lipolab Fat Melting Injection

  Lipo Lab-- Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection


The MesoLipo fat melting injection is a treatment designed for body and facial contouring and can be used to shape selected body parts to your liking. Using mesotherapy techniques, it targets localised fat deposits and cellulite and is less invasive than alternative methods such as liposuction. This injection comprises natural soybean lecithin and enzymes that help to target and dissolve small and stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to other methods of weight loss.

Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss is a body contouring treatment whereby its procedure can be done briefly during your clinic visits or right after your doctor’s consultation. It is much preferable than liposuction due to its less invasive procedure and great outcome. The Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss consists of a natural soybean lecithin and enzymes whereby it will be best injected in the smaller areas to target cellulite and localized fat deposits.

The Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss will slowly dissolves and breaks the fatty bump deposits under your skin. The results of fat reduction and weight loss will take about 3-4 weeks as the body will proceed to eliminate the fats naturally. Without the need for extensive surgery, fat melting injections are the best and much safer option for removal of excessive fat.

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Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss

Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss

Lipolab--Mesotherapy Injections For Fat Loss

LIPO LAB is for melting subcutaneous fat dissolving. LIPO LAB is safe and effective mesotherapy injections for fat loss approved by KFDA. Lipo Lab has been developed in order to care the body more easily and quickly by selecting raw materials made in Germany which is known for safety, effectiveness and the best purity of 99.8%.

Lipo Lab was designed in order to solve a problem in package due to the product's going bad and to save trouble to keep it refrigerated when storing the products by performing aseptic processing under 1,000 of atmospheric pressure of higher and gamma sterilization, and to be used conveniently and safely by thoroughly blocking infection by virus.


  Specifications of Lipo Lab

Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss

Lipolysis Injection - Specifications

Product Name

Lipo Lab


10 vials in one box




0.35kg / bo

Raw material

Phosphatidylcholine: purity : 99.8% Made in Germany

Sodium Deoxycholate: purity : 98% Made in Japan

Particles of 50~70 nanomicrons , a size smaller than a cell Special sterile technique (odorless, non-pigmental, sterile technology)

Main ingredients

Phosphatidylcholine 1000mg / Deoxycholate 5mg / L- carnitine 200mg

Description Of Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection


Lipolab injections, designed for fat loss, offer several potential benefits:

Targeted Fat Reduction: Lipolab injections are formulated to specifically target and reduce localized fat deposits. This enables individuals to address stubborn fat in specific areas such as the abdomen, thighs, or arms.

Non-Invasive Procedure: Unlike surgical interventions like liposuction, Lipolab injections provide a non-invasive alternative for fat reduction. This can be appealing to individuals seeking cosmetic enhancements without the need for surgery and its associated risks.

Quick and Convenient: The procedure involving Lipolab injections is generally quick and convenient, often requiring minimal downtime. This makes it a viable option for individuals with busy lifestyles who may not have the luxury of an extended recovery period.

Enhanced Body Contouring: Lipolab injections contribute to improved body contouring by promoting the breakdown and elimination of excess fat cells. This can result in a more sculpted and toned appearance, enhancing overall aesthetic outcomes.

Gradual, Natural-Looking Results: The fat reduction achieved through Lipolab injections typically occurs gradually, leading to more natural-looking results. This gradual process allows for subtle changes that can be more seamlessly integrated into a person's overall appearance.

It's important to note that individual responses to Lipolab injections can vary, and results depend on factors such as the formulation used, the patient's overall health, and adherence to post-treatment care guidelines. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine the most suitable treatment options based on individual circumstances.


Most of us develop lumps and bumps of unsightly fat and/or cellulite in our lives. This fat is not easy to get rid of and requires a lot of commitment and discipline if using traditional methods. The MesoLipo fat melting injection using mesotherapy techniques specifically target localised fat and cellulite deposits. It is a less invasive alternative to liposuction and slowly dissolves the deposits with injections of substances that specially target the fatty cells. After this, the body proceeds to naturally remove the residue over the following weeks.Get a quotation

Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss?

Lipolysis Injection - What is PPC?

  Why Choose Us?

Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection- Dermax

Lipolysis Injection  - Why Choose Us?

1.No Need Of Anesthesia As It Barely Generates Pain.

2.More Efficacious And Easier Treatment Than Liposuction Surgery

3.Cheaper Costs Than Existing Liposuction Surgery

4.Effective For Removing Cellulites And Enhances Skin Elasticity

5.Solves The Obesity Of Specific Parts Where Exercises Cannot Do

6.Such A Simple Treatment That Barely Bothers Everyday Life

7.Destroys Fat Cells And Exhausts Them Out Of Body Through Sweat, Urine And  Internal Combustion, Which Does Not Incur The So-Called 'Yo-Yo' Phenomenon,

Methods Of Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection

Application & Method

Application & Method

Target areas Injection points Space between each point

Injection quanlity

/each point

Total ampules

/larget area

Abdomonal areas About 125 points 1cm 0.7~0.8cc 8~10 ampules
Fatty back About 100 points 6~8 ampules
Black low in fat About 75 points 4~6 ampules
Both forearms About 38 points each both forearms 4~6 ampules
Both thighs About 50 points each 6~8 ampules


0.5cm 0.5cc

1. Shake ampule to mix PPC that is sunk at the bottom of ampule

2. Use 18G needle to extract PPC from ampule and use 27G needle to inject on the

target area.

3. Mark injection points on each target area with pen.

4.Injection manuals according to each target area

5.Injection intervals

(1)1 week-interval :You inject today,second injection is after a week.

(2) 2 weeks-interval to repeat same target area injection:

You inject on Abdominal area today ,second injection area is any other area except

abdominal area after a week. You can inject on Abdominal area AGAIN at Third injection.

So, injection interval of same target area is 2 weeks.


Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection -- Application

What areas of the body can be treated with the fat melting injection treatment?

The Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss treatment focuses on the smaller or localized areas, such as:

  • Abdomen

  • Upper arms

  • Thigh

  • Double chin or submental fat

  • Back fats

  • Buttocks (side or lower)

The Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss formulas can identify the specific targets or spot where the body stores excessive storage. When injected into the skin, it will disallow the cells from storing fats and help shrinks the problematic fat cells. After that, your body will flush out the broken down fats resulting a more slimmer effect on your body.

Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection- Dermax

Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection- Dermax

Areas & Effects

What Can Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection Solve?

Body Contouring

Body contouring is an efficient way to help reduce the last bits of stubborn fat that continually resist dieting and natural exercise. As traditional methods of shaping the body do not seem to impact these fat deposits, the MesoLipo fat melting injection can be a suitable alternative to aid your body to remove them.


Consisting of fat beneath the skin, cellulite will appear uneven because it is pressed up against connective tissue, resulting in bumpy looking skin. It is harmless and is not indicative of obesity, but some individuals may opt to treat it due to its unsightliness. The presence of cellulite may be hereditary, but it may also be caused by an imbalanced diet, slow metabolism or dehydration. The Mesolipo fat melting injection will slowly dissolve and reduce the appearance of cellulite without the need for extensive surgical methods.

Fat / Weight Loss

These fat cells are known as subcutaneous fat. It is harder to get rid of rather than normal visceral fat and intramuscular fat thus deemed it’s popular. For most women, subcutaneous fat is located around the butt, hips, and thighs. For most men, it is accumulated at the love handles. Mesolipo is very useful for reducing the number of localised fat deposits in your body if done within a clinical setting, with results likely to be noticeable after four or more sessions.


  Cautions of Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection

Who Cannot Have The Mesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss?

  • Pregnant woman

  • Breastfeeding mothers

  • People with autoimmune diseases

  • People who are nearby infections

What Are The Post Treatment Care OfMesotherapy Injections For Weight Loss?

  • It is advised to complete the recommended course of therapy. Ideally it should be 3 treatment in 2 to 4 weeks apart to see the best results.

  • To even the distributions of active ingredients in the fatty tissue, massage the treated area for 5 minutes for 5 times a day for 5 days.

  • You may experience redness, mild burning sensation and bruising, but it will occur up to 5 days on average.

  • You may feel palpable over the tender lump for up to a month after treatment. This indicates fat necrosis or fat cell death is occuring which there’s no need to be alarmed for, as this is a normal process for it to sometimes occur.

  • Consume alcohol in a moderate consumption.

  • No restrictions on exercises.

  • Cosmetic improvement may take about one month to begin and the final results usually up to one year approximately after the treatment.



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