​Something about lip filler treatment

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Something about lip filler treatment (3)

Something about lip filler treatment

Aqua Secret Smoocy, as the first dermal filler specifically for lip augmentation, become more and more popular. We have sorted some frequently asked questions from our clinical partners for your reference.

First but very important:

Why your patients like Smoocy lip filler so much?

Patented Hintensy technology used in Aqua Secret filler, ensures strong supporting effect, creating natural lip shapes while lasts for up to 6 months.

In addition, patented Voluflow technology further moisturizes lips.

Wow, can you image, watery, plump lips!

Something about lip filler treatment (4)

Second: What's the Smoocy injection amount?

1ml to thinning lips due to aging, 2ml for those with thinner lip structure.

Of course, it also depends on various client's needs.

We recommend to proceed treatments in low intensity and high frequency to reach satisfactory results, less is more. And injection interval would be 15 days.

Okay, let's go on.Last but not the least:

How to operate better when injecting Smoocy?

Before the treatment

Lip is one of the most sensitive areas on the face, please apply local anesthesia. Meanwhile, ice compression for 10 minutes, to narrow blood vessels and reduce the risk of bleeding.

Something about lip filler treatment

During the treatment

Step 1: Pull the edge of the lip a lip line

Step 2: After pulling out the lip line, Small, multiple injections on the lower lip for plumpness;

Step 3: Inject a small amount of hyaluronic acid to remove lip lines on the upper lip. After the injection, the doctor massages and squeezes the injection site evenly to pinch out the desired lip shape.

After the treatment

remind your patients:

Drink plenty of water to reduce swelling.

NO Exercise within the first 24 hours after the treatment.

OKay, that’s all of today’s video, Focus on the aesthetic. Focus on your needs. I'm XX, your trusted partner.