Leg Slimming Injection

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The leg slimming injection, professionally speaking, is botulinum toxin type A. Because its principle can relax muscles, that is, by blocking the contact point between motor nerves and muscles, it reduces the release of acetylcholine and reduces muscle contraction. Muscle contraction reduces disuse atrophy, so muscle is thinned out. For example, the masseter muscle can also be injected with botulinum toxin type A to achieve its purpose. The principle of the thin calf muscle is the same. The muscle injected into the thin calf is the medial head or lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle. Cosmetology doctors who inject plastic surgery will have very strict training, and they must be qualified. First, they must have a formal institution, a formal doctor, and a formal drug. Currently, Botox in the United States and Hengli botulinum toxin in the country are recognized internationally as a regular product. There are corresponding very strict regulations on usage and usage, which cannot exceed the number of units and cannot exceed the scope of registration, so it must be regulated from the aspects of institutional personnel, products, and formal operations.

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The side effects of leg slimming injection mainly include the following: 1. Side effects of drugs: leg slimming injection is botulinum toxin type A injection, which is a neurotoxin. If the drug is injected irregularly, it may have neurotoxic effects. If neurotoxins are applied to other parts of the blood, it will affect the function of other muscles. If it affects the respiratory muscles, complications such as suffocation may occur in severe cases, and diplopia and other diseases may also occur; 2. Side effects of local injection: During the injection process, local damage may occur. Due to the abundant blood vessels in the muscle, if the operator does not understand the anatomy, pays no attention to the surrounding blood vessels or does not perform aseptic operation during the injection, it may cause damage to the blood vessels, resulting in the appearance of local hematoma or bruising, or Can cause local infection. Therefore, when injecting leg slimming injection, beauty seekers need to go to a regular hospital and seek the help of a regular doctor, so as to minimize the occurrence of side effects or complications.