Kosence Gold Protein Set For Neck Wrinkles

Product Name: Gold Protein Thread
Brand Name: Kosence
Specification: 20pcs*2vials thread and 15ml*5vials serum
Component: Hydrolyzed Sericin,Allantoin,Gold Leaf
Packaging: 1 box
MOQ: 1 set
Origin: China
Application Area: face and neck
  • Kosence

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How to use Kosence?

1.Spray Kosence Gold Protein Serum on face evenly.

2.Apply Kosence Gold Protein Thread according to the skin texture (by dry hand).The recommended amount: 3-4 pcs on both side of cheek, 3pcs on forhead, 2 pcs on chin.

3.Spray Kosence Gold Protein Serum on face again until Kosence Gold Protein Thread begins to melt, massage until it have been absorbed.

kosence gold protein


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