Hyaluronic Acid Treatment For Face

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Hyaluronic acid injections may reduce or relieve inflammation caused by wearing of the cartilage and bone in osteoarthritic joints. The injected gel helps to restore lubrication and also induces the growth of new cartilage and bone tissue in these joints.

When we use hyaluronic acid to treatment,one of the most common problems is the vascular injury.When hyaluronic acid is injected near the blood vessels, it will cause pressure on the blood vessels, affecting blood circulation, and then causing skin necrosis, embolism, blindness and other consequences.The areas that are prone to problems are the glabella, nose, nasolabial fold and so on.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Knowledge

There are some ways to deal with problems that may arise with hyaluronic acid treatment.

First,small injection.Don’t fill a large amount of hyaluronic acid in the same area

Second, inject slowly.It can reduces risk of damage to blood vessels due to increased pressure

Third, linear reverse injection.

Fourth, use blunt needles.It can reduces the risk of puncturing a blood vessel

Fifth, master anatomical knowledge and fully understand the anatomical structure of each injection area.

Besides,The choice of needle is very important on hyaluronic acid wrinkle treatment.

If the needle is too thick, it will increase the probability of swelling and bleeding, which will affect the customer's experience. If the needle is too thin, it will increase the probability of needle explosion.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Knowledge

For different particle sizes of hyaluronic acid, the needle recommendations are as follows

For 0.10~0.15mm size,such us Aqua secret Fine and Light, it recommended 30G needle to treatment

For 0.15~0.28 mm size,such us Aqua secret Derm and Volume,recommended 27G needle

For 0.28~0.50mm size, such us Aqua secret Deep,Intense and Smoocy ,recommended 27G needle

For 0.5~1.25mm size,such us Aqua secret Macrolite and Hylamuscu ,recommended 21G needle

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