Hyaluronic acid injection, blunt needle or a sharp needle?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-17      Origin: Site

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micro cannula

Nowadays, medbeauty injections are becoming more and more popular, and dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid have become the beauty products of countless people. In the past, medbeauty injection was basically based on sharp needles, but now the world has begun to use safer blunt needle injections. In recent years, domestic Physicians also gradually began to use blunt needles. Today I’m going to tell you about blunt needles and sharp needles. blunt needle? Sharp needle? what exactly is it?

What is a sharp needle?

A small, hard, sharp-pointed syringe with a drug outlet designed at the tip of the needle.

In fact, everyone has seen sharp needles. To put it simply, it is the intramuscular syringe we usually use when we are sick. We have never had micro-plastic surgery, and we have always been vaccinated, right? Sharp needles are by far the most widely used type of injection with the largest number of users.

blunt vs sharp needle

What is a blunt cannula needle?

A syringe with a blunt, soft and elastic needle and a medicine outlet designed on the side of the needle tube.

In fact, blunt needles have been successfully used in autologous fat transplantation. In recent years, they have been applied to injection filling for cosmetic reasons for safety reasons.

Blunt cannula needle vs Sharp needle

The needle of the sharp needle is like a bayonet, the tissue it passes through will first be "cut" by it, easy to cut the blood vessel and cause bleeding, and if the filler is injected into the blood vessel, it will cause skin necrosis at best, and serious problems such as blindness, cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction can be caused at worst. At the same time, when injecting a large area with a sharp needle, it is necessary to inject multiple points, which is easy to increase the discomfort and discontinuity of the transition site.

The entire needle of the blunt needle is made of flexible and elastic stainless steel, and the rounded blunt tip can advance smoothly in the soft tissue, which can reduce postoperative swelling. The flexible needle tube can better meet the needs of face curve, so it can make a more even and natural face line with the fewest needle holes.

Although blunt needles have such and such benefits, sharp needles are not without advantages at all, and different parts of the injection should have different choices. Even with a blunt needle injection, a sharp needle is required to make an opening in the skin and then poke the blunt needle into the injection for injection. Blunt needles are used in combination with sharp needles to be better than a single needle, and can balance the safety and effect of injection.