How to get rid of jaw muscles?

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How to get rid of jaw muscles? If the jaw muscle is large, then the injection of Botox is effective, the bigger the better. The main function of the weight loss needle is to solve the problem of jaw hypertrophy. By injecting Botox in the jaw muscle, the jaw muscle can be thinned down, so as to achieve the effect of thin face. The thicker the jaw muscle, the more effective the Botox injection will be.

Botox injections are very effective in eliminating jaw muscles. It acts primarily on muscle tissue and is often used to address jaw hypertrophy, known as a weight loss needle. 

Slimming needles, known professionally as Botox, are biological products that can be mass-produced through genetic engineering methods. Because of its nerve-blocking effect, it is commonly used in neurology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. The effect of weight loss needle injection is not immediate, it starts to appear in about two weeks to a month, and the effect of weight loss needle injection is not permanent. 

According to different functions of the person, it can last for three to six months, and can be extended to ten at most After about a month, the treatment effect will gradually disappear, and then to maintain the original effect, you must receive another injection. Botox with nerve-blocking action prevents acetylcholine release at the neuromuscular junction, but only in the face of obesity caused by jaw hypertrophy.

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