How to choose hyaluronic acid

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     In 1934, hyaluronic acid was born in a laboratory at Columbia University in the United States. With its unique molecular structure, hyaluronic acid won the favor of doctors and beauty salons.

How to choose hyaluronic acid

    After the birth of hyaluronic acid, it has been widely used in the medical beauty and medical industries, and it is mostly used to fill the face or body parts in beauty salons.

How to choose hyaluronic acid (2)

   The production process and technology of hyaluronic acid determine the difference in quality. You must choose products with production qualifications and international certifications.

How to choose hyaluronic acid (3)


     There are three methods for refining hyaluronic acid, among which the best quality and most suitable for consumers to buy is hyaluronic acid extracted through microbial fermentation.

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  The concentration of the product cannot be used as a reference for selecting the product. Purity, molecular weight, and 3D three-dimensional structure will directly affect the water absorption effect of hyaluronic acid.

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It is safest to choose an old brand with quality assurance and brand record.

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