How to achieve natural and advanced dermal injection filling?

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How to achieve natural and advanced dermal injection filling?

1. Ensure the smoothness of the outer contour, the proportion coordination is more revealing the small temple depression of the face, the cheekbone expansion, cheek depression, masseter muscle protrusion, chin retraction and other problems, which will make the overall external contour line not smooth and smooth, will highlight the sense of age, visually show bitterness, and the defects in proportion will also appear to be large. For most people, the temples, frontotemporal junction, cheekbones, posterior buccal area, chin these points, the need to adjust the amplitude will not be very large, with an appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid to give a certain support, to achieve the purpose of coordinating proportion and fluency.

2. Taking into account the folding degree of the inner contour, the three-dimensional face is more small than the flat face, and the face with high three-dimensional degree will be smaller, so you can appropriately adjust the several basic points of the inner contour forehead, eyebrow arch, and apple muscle, so that the originally flat part is properly three-dimensional. With just the right volume replenishment and tissue lifting, the skin and flesh in the middle of the face are improved, and the firmness also brings a concentrated visual effect.

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