How long dose pdo thread treatment take?

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Your thread lift will probably take less than 60 minutes to finish. 

You may have heard that with the PDO Thread Lift, you can firm sagging facial tissue and improve facial contours without the need for traditional brow lifts, facelifts, or other invasive surgical procedures. During a PDO thread lift, your doctor will use specialized threads to lift your sagging facial tissue and give you a new look.

Once your thread lift program is complete, your sagging skin will immediately look firmer and more vibrant. In addition to these momentary changes to your sagging skin, this type of lifting will also make your appearance more gradual improvement. As you adapt to this treatment, the amount of collagen in your facial tissue will increase and your skin will become firmer and younger.


Where You can do pdo treatment?

Here are some dos and dont s for PDO Thread

Which PDO thread you can trust?

Magik Thread®

Magik Thread® is an absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) suture in a cannula or needle indicated for use in soft tissue approximation for a timeless rejuvenation. Magik Thread® has a series of smooth threads, including mono threads, crew threads and cog threads, and barbed threads which raw material is approved by FDA. 

Why do doctors choose pdo mono thread