How long can hyaluronic acid last?

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With the progress of the times, everyone’s requirements for beauty are getting higher and higher, and more and more people choose hyaluronic acid girth enhancement, hyaluronic acid nose job,

How long can hyaluronic acid last

Hyaluronic acid filling can have a good wrinkle removal effect, and it can also fill the skin with very little pain. Because hyaluronic acid itself is a part of the human body, injection of hyaluronic acid has almost no side effects, so it also determines that hyaluronic acid cannot be maintained in the body for too long Characteristics.

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How long hyaluronic acid can stay in the body depends on the quality of the product and the type of hyaluronic acid. Different types of hyaluronic acid have different particle sizes, fill different parts, and the maintenance time is also different. Personal physique will also have a certain effect on the aging effect of hyaluronic acid

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There are many types of our hyaluronic acid. Customers can choose the model according to the part they want to fill. In order to bring customers a better beautification experience, dermax has launched two new types of hyaluronic acid using the latest technology of dermax.

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These two technologies are Hintensy™ Technology and Fine Cleaning™ technology. Hintensy™ Technology means that the molecules in our hyaluronic acid will self-crosslink to make the filled part more natural and support better. Fine Cleaning™ technology means Hyaluronic acid cleaning technology minimizes the part of hyaluronic acid that cannot be absorbed by the human body, bringing customers a safe and natural filling experience.

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Macrolite Hyaluronic Acid is a large-particle hyaluronic acid injection product specially designed for women to enlarge breasts and buttocks. It lasts up to 12-18 months. It is not only safe, but also has the best filling effect.

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Hylamuscu hyaluronic acid is a men's health product only for men. It has natural effects and safe filling. It minimizes the residual non-absorbable substances in hyaluronic acid. The maintenance time is as long as 12-18 months. Customers can use it with peace of mind.

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Before the hyaluronic acid filling operation, you must make pre-operative preparations to make sure that there is no drug allergy. You must choose good quality and safe hyaluronic acid for injection.