How Does Pdo Thread Work?

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The PDO thread is Polydioxanone (PDO) thread that can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water in the human body. It is not harmful to the body. It is suitable for the face and there is no obvious relaxation. A large amount of collagen is still present in the skin tissue and the fascia is not slack. Young people who need to maintain and freeze age.

Polydioxane (PDO) threads use biodegradable polyester sutures that are best for skin regeneration. PDO thread is one of three sutures commonly used in thread lift procedures, the other two are made from polylactic acid (PLA) and polycaprolactone (PCA). This suture has the longest lifespan of the three and has been used in surgery since the 1980s. They consist of colorless polyester that breaks down in the body after about six months. Although present in your skin, PDO threads stimulate cells in the body called fibroblasts to produce more collagen, which gives skin structure and elasticity.

To put it simply, PDO Threading is like the reinforced concrete used when building a house. When the doctor skillfully embeds the special absorbable protein thread into the skin, it can support and lift the loose and sagging soft tissues to make it stiff or The sagging muscle tissue is rearranged to recreate a beautiful face.

PDO threads can be divided into three categories:

PDO mono threads. Smooth sutures that help rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production.

PDO cog threads. These threads have barbs that latch into your skin like small fishhooks, to provide support and lift parts of your face.

PDO screw threads. Made up of one or two intertwined threads, these are used to help restore volume to sunken parts of your skin.

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