How Crow's Feet Form

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There are the causes of crow's feet

Endocrine disorders

The formation of crow's feet is due to the decline of neuroendocrine function, the decline of protein synthesis rate, the decline or loss of the activity of fibroblasts in the dermis, and the reduction and rupture of collagen fibers, which leads to the loss of skin elasticity and the increase of wrinkles around the eyes.

Degeneration of elastic fibers From a medical point of view, this kind of wrinkles is caused by the gradual aging of elastic fibers, the loss of skin moisture and subcutaneous fat, and the loss of elasticity of the skin, and is formed by the pulling of subcutaneous muscles.

Collagen breakage Wrinkles, crow's feet, eye lines, and fine lines are all oxidation lines. Because the above collagen is easily damaged by UVA, UVB, ozone or other oxidative factors, when the collagen in the dermis is oxidized due to the above-mentioned various reasons, it breaks like a spring. Disappear, thus causing the epidermis to collapse unevenly, so the crow's feet is just a form of oxidation.

The concept of eye oxidation lines was first proposed in 2000 by the American VII eye beauty expert. Climate and personal factors The formation of crow's feet is also related to sun exposure, dryness, cold, high temperature of washing face, rich expressions, smoking, etc., which lead to the loss of elasticity of fibrous tissue and the increase of wrinkles around the eyes. Crow's feet are radial due to dynamic wrinkles caused by prolonged contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle.

How to get rid of crow's feet:

  1. Keep a happy mood in normal work and life, don't always feel distressed and sad, and prevent crow's feet caused by frowning.

  2. Apply some special anti-wrinkle eye cream or essence on the corner of the eye, and massage the area for 3 minutes, so that the nutrients in it can be better absorbed by the body.

  3. Ha injection:Aqua secret is a popular hyaluronic filler that smooths out wrinkles, adds volume to facial features, and promotes a younger, more radiant appearance.Wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin all gradually appear on our faces as we age. While this is due largely in part to unprotected exposure to UV rays, an unbalanced diet, and persistent stress, signs of aging can also be attributed to age-dependent collagen loss. Collagen, a fibrous, tensile protein found in 70-80% of our skin, is what keeps our skin looking smooth, vibrant, and firm in our youth. As our skin creases, stretches, and contracts, these fibroblast cells ward off any signs of aging, keeping our skin wrinkle-free well into teens and early adulthood. However, as we age, our fibroblast cells’ production wanes, causing the existing collagen fibers to go unsupported by a consistent renewal of supporting fibers. Over time, wrinkles, fine lines, and folds start to form in many common places on your skin. While many skincare products offer collagen-boosting benefits. This simple, minimally invasive procedure is quick, effective, and safe for any patient interested in reversing the many signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and folds.

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