Goodbye,Glabellar frown lines

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Goodbye,Glabellar frown lines

Glabellar frown lines formed by the contraction of the corrugator muscle. This skin tissue is relatively thick. It is recommended to use a comprehensive treatment plan of PDO thread and botulinum toxin for the best effect.

First of all, operate the PDO thread. 

The used materials are Magik Thread—mono and screw, and it is recommended to use 30G/25mm pdo thread in combination with horizontal and vertical. The level of needle insertion is the deep layer of the dermis, and a wiring scheme of tic-tac-toe and fishtail crossing can be adopted.

Goodbye,Glabellar frown lines

Next, for dynamic wrinkles, vertical injections of 8-10 units of  botulinum toxin are used depending on the situation, and a small needle of 30G/4mm is recommended.

Of course, different treatment options should be selected according to the actual situation of the client.

What model are you using? Leave a message in the comment area.

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