Everything you want to know about hyaluronic acid is here!

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You may have heard of hyaluronic acid, but how much do you know about it?

People often ask : can hyaluronic acid be taken orally? Can I apply hyaluronic acid directly?

In order to solve your doubts, I’d like to make it clear today -- Everything you want to know about hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid(Aqua Secret HA)?

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Hyaluronic acid (Aqua Secret HA) is a naturally and indispensable "sodium hyaluronate" in human tissues. Its main function is to help maintain the structure of skin tissues and keep skin hydrated.

Why hyaluronic acid is so important?

As we all know, Babies have the tenderest skin, because baby skin can hold up to 80% water ,as he get older, the moisture in his skin decreases, the skin also appears dry, wrinkles and other signs. So water is the soul of the skin!

Although hyaluronic acid exists in our skin, due to its strong ability to lock water, appropriate supplement of Aqua Secret HA is not only harmless, but also can help enhance the skin's ability to hold water. In this way, the skin will have a feeling of watery abundance.

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How to use hyaluronic acid effectively?

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This is also the most concerned issue!


In the late 1980s, oral hyaluronic acid cosmetics and health food appeared in Japan.

The theoretical basis at that time was that hyaluronic acid could be digested and absorbed orally, which would increase the premise of hyaluronic acid synthesis in the body, and increase the synthesis amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin and other tissues, and thus improve the skin's water retention performance.

From the current experimental studies, oral HA has no obvious damage to human health, and with low sensitization.

After three months of experiments, skin moisture was measured between the experimental group (oral hyaluronic acid) and the control group (placebo), and the results were slightly improved.

The conclusion is that we can't say it didn't work, but the effect is not really obvious!

Furthermore, what are eaten are macromolecules, which are broken down and absorbed by the digestive system, and some of that are metabolized and excreted. It is hard to say how much is left which is absorbed by the body and turned into real usable hyaluronic acid.

For external use

As one of the most popular skin care ingredients, hyaluronic acid is known as an ideal natural moisturizing factor. Almost all cosmetic products in daily life have added hyaluronic acid to maintain certain moisturizing effect.

HA has a stable structure and is not easily affected by the environment and adapt to all kinds of skin in different seasons, different environmental humidity under the moisturizing effect of skin care products.

HA is rarely used alone, and it is often used in combination with other moisturizers, it work best when they used together, so when we checking skin care ingredients, we often see several kinds of moisturizing ingredients stay together.

As hyaluronic acid is widely known, many brands promote hyaluronic acid as a publicity point.

In fact, using high concentration of hyaluronic acid alone does not have a direct moisturizing effect, even hyaluronic acid can sucks a lot of water from the skin, after using it, the skin will become more dry.

A complete set of moisturizers should be : a moisturizer + a sealant + an emollient.

Hyaluronic acid can only act on the surface of the skin to form moisture-rich membranes, which transport moisture inward (to the skin) and outward (to the environment).

So when we choose moisturizing product, we need to consider both its moisture retention ability and its moisture absorption ability.

As a natural moisturizing factor, HA still has a good moisturizing effect.

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It is worth mentioning that hyaluronic acid also has the function of skin injury repair and prevention.

 It can promote skin regeneration by promoting the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells and scavenging oxygen free radicals, and its mechanism of action is different from that of ultraviolet absorbent in sunscreen, which has synergistic effect and plays a dual protection.

Tu sum up, the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid is precisely to absorb water and lock water, to prevent the loss of water in the skin, rather than moisturizing directly, it also can not be used externally to supplement hyaluronic acid, let alone produce new hyaluronic acid.

The injection

If you want to replenish hyaluronic acid, the most direct and effective method is injection therapy.

Injecting hyaluronic acid, the "water needle" in the medical beauty!

The principle is to inject small molecules of hyaluronic acid into the dermis to achieve real "deep hydration". 

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In general, Aqua Secret HA injection is used for facial rejuvenation as well as botox. It can improve the contour, lift the face and fill the face.

Its advantage is that the effect is immediate, compared with other anti-old medicine beauty means, less trauma, and will not affect the normal life and work.

Unfortunately, Aqua Secret HA will degrades gradually, so we need regular injection to maintain the effect.   

However, the technique of Aqua Secret HA injection is constantly improving. Compared with the past, the maintenance time can be extended to 3-6 months, and more than 50% of patients can use it for about 2 years. The maintenance time of Aqua Secret HA is different in different countries.

Botulinum toxin injection may lead to abnormal facial muscles (face stiffness), while the common adverse reactions after Aqua Secret HA injection are swelling, tenderness, and purpura. The more serious complications are vascular occlusion and necrosis, which can be dissolved by injecting hyaluronidase.

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