CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin needle for sale

Brand Name: CozyTouch
Model Number: 30g 32g 34g
Needle Length: 1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 13mm 25mm
Use: mesotherapy injections, botulinum toxin and other applications 
Ingredient: Stainless Steel
Certification: CE
Supply Type: OEM/ODM
  • 32g 13mm

  • CozyTouch

CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin Needle For Sale

What Is Botulinum Toxin Needle For Sale?

A Botulinum Toxin needle is a fine, sharp instrument used for injecting Botulinum Toxin, which is a neurotoxin, into the skin. The needles used for Botulinum Toxin injections are typically very thin and short to minimize discomfort. They are used to deliver Botulinum Toxin into facial muscles, where it can temporarily relax the muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The procedure is minimally invasive and is commonly used for cosmetic purposes, as well as for medical conditions like excessive sweating or migraines.

The size of the needle, often measured in gauge, varies depending on the specific area being treated and the technique the provider is using. For instance, needles can range from 30 gauge to 34 gauge, with higher gauge numbers indicating thinner needles. Some providers may use even smaller needles for certain treatments. Get a quotation about CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin needle for sale.

Gauge: 32G

Length: 13mm

Packaging: 100pcs/box

Areas: Superficial injections, tear trough, fine lines

Get a quotation about CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin needle for sale.

CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin needle for sale

Cozytouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin Needle For Sale

The Advantage of CozyTouch Botulinum Toxin Needle

CozyTouch offers several advantages with its medical-grade, sterilized, independently packaged, single-use needles made from high-quality steel. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Safety and Hygiene: Being medical-grade and sterilized ensures that the needles are free from contaminants, reducing the risk of infections or adverse reactions. The independent packaging further ensures hygiene and prevents contamination before use.

  2. Single-Use Design: Single-use needles eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between patients, promoting safer medical practices and reducing the spread of infections.

  3. High-Quality Material: The needles being made from high-quality steel ensure durability and precision during medical procedures, enhancing the overall performance and effectiveness of the needles.

  4. Smooth Needle Tube: The smoothness of the needle tube aids in comfortable insertion, reducing patient discomfort and potential tissue damage during procedures.

  5. Color-Coded Sizes: Size distinction by color makes it easier for medical professionals to select the appropriate needle size quickly, enhancing efficiency and accuracy during medical procedures.

Overall, CozyTouch's combination of safety, quality, hygiene, and ease of use makes it a preferred choice for medical practitioners and enhances patient satisfaction and outcomes. Get a quotation about CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin needle for sale.

CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin needle for sale

CozyTouch 32g 13mm Botulinum Toxin needle for sale


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