Common Complications of botulism injection part 3

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Because botulinum toxin is injected into different parts, you may hesitate to do due to some sensitve areas. Complications from different cosmetic parts are also different. It may be one or more. It mainly depends on the doctor's skills and personal physique! Some complications can be improved by treating the antagonists of the affected muscles. However, most complications do not require corrective treatment and resolve spontaneously as the effect of botulinum toxin wears off. Precise injection of botulinum toxin into target muscles and use of higher dilution concentrations to minimize dispersion can reduce adjacent muscle involvement, side effects and the likelihood of complications.

Mild stiffness of facial expression: The mechanism of action of botulinum toxin is through the inhibition of expression muscle movement, so that dynamic wrinkles can be fully relieved, released, lightened or even disappeared. Therefore, it is normal for the expression to be slightly stiff, and it is also proved that this is effective.

Tightness: Generally, you will feel a sense of tightness, especially after the initial injection of a large area such as forehead wrinkles or mandibular edge elevation. The feeling is most obvious at a month, and it gradually subsides after 1 to 2 months, or the patient begins to gradually adapt to this tight feeling, but it is not that the botulinum toxin begins to weaken. (It's worth noting: the second and subsequent injections, this tight feeling is much weaker than the first.)

Soreness and weakness: After injecting face-lifting (masseter muscle) or thinning calf (using F-intestinal muscle), you may feel soreness and weakness, which usually occurs in about 1 week, and can gradually adapt to it without any strange feeling from 2 weeks to 1 month. , At this time, the muscles begin to gradually atrophy, and the effect of thin face and thin calf begins to appear.


Hard to open the eyes: After injection into the forehead crease, the effect of lifting the frontalis muscle may be weakened. In time, the injection position is higher and located in a safe area, which will inevitably lead to the position of the eyebrows moving down. From the appearance, the upper eyelid is bloated, and the double eyelid is narrowed or even disappeared.

If the amount of botulinum toxin is too much, it is close to the eyebrows, and the injection is too deep, and the liquid is injected into the loose connective tissue space on the periosteum, but not in the abdomen of the frontalis muscle, the botulinum toxin will diffuse under the upper orbital rim and affect the lift. Eyelid muscle strength, ptosis occurs.

Lower eyelid laxity: The injection of crow's feet is too medial or the injection dose of the lower eyelid is too large, which will cause the lower orbicularis muscle to relax.