Aestheline Threads

Product name: Cog 4-1 19G PDO Thread 
Length: 100mm 
Applicable parts: Face and body 
Shelf life: two years 
Packing: 5pcs/bag, 10pcs/bag, 50pcs/bag 
Certificate: CE ISO
  • Mono/Mono Screw/Tornado Screw/Cog

  • Magik Thread

Aestheline Pdo Threads for Chin


Aestheline PDO Threads are cosmetically used to combat age related ptosis (a drooping of eyelids),the threads, which injected under the skin with flexible long needles and are made of polylactic acid. Aestheline PDO Threads the implanted threads act as a framework that allows the skin to tighten and hold facial tissue in place. What is fantastic about this treatment is that it will stay steadfast from 18 months to 2 years, even though the threads dissolve after 6 months the process continues to stimulate production of collagen.Aestheline PDO Threads is a safe and effective thread lifting procedure that instantly lifts sagging skin and approximate soft tissues, giving a fresh and revitalized look.  

PDO is commonly known as a product that produces collagen by stimulating skin tissue. Our PDO not only produces collagen but can also support the lifting and fixation effect of Aestheline PDO Threads. Lifting of deep fat layer lifting combined with tightening of superficial fat layer maximize the surgery effect. 

Choose PDO if you want to maintain your skin in your twenties with definitive facial contour thanks to its volume up, lifting, anti-aging, and whitening effects.


Advantages Of Aestheline Threads

The surface of needle hole is smooth and the needle surface has been processed again so it does not cause side effect when entering the skin. Magik Thread needle is a modern needle that minimizes pain, swollenness, and bruise.

The suture of Magik Thread is imported from the biggest suture manufacturer- Samyang. It is fully absorbed by hydrolysis within 6-9 months and doesn't create any scar tissue.

Magik Thread barb is long and smooth. It would be easy to hang on the skin. The foreign body stimulates collagen synthesis and the skin structure created will hold for another 12 to 15 months.

Aestheline Threads

Why Choose Aestheline Threads

Stable lifting and fixation effect

Longer duration of effect

M inimize surgery accidents

Improvement of saggy cheeks and facial wrinkles, collagen production, skin elasticity,fresh skin, improvement of features, lifting,improvement of facial lines, delay of aging.

The procedure is most effective on skin that has minimal sagging and offers the best results for cheeks, jowls, brows and the neck area. If you are put off by traditional surgery or don't want general numbing then a thread lift is great as it is minimally invasive and can be carried out under local numbing.

Aestheline Threads

Aestheline Threads

Applications Of Aestheline Threads

Aestheline Threads this almost non evasive procedure does not need a general anaesthetic no deep cuts injected into the deeper layers of the skin via long thin needles which have helically barbed moulds on the threads , that anchor themselves into the sagging tissues then lifted upwards giving an instant radiant rejuvenated unbelievable effect to the skin.

the start of ptosis occuring

wrinkles om forehead, nasolabial folds

skin lethargy

a loosening of skin after dramatic weight loss you can also use for other areas, buttocks, stomach, hips, the decollete and neck and improves skin tone.

Aestheline threads gives the appearance of younger skin improves skin tone. pigmentation and texture. Scarring and stretch marks appearances improves All this is down to a new collagen synthesis.

Aestheline single pdo threads increases skin metabolism awakens lymphatic circulation, creates and balances out collagen, lifting and remodelling of elasticity within the treated area.

Aestheline Threads

Description Of Aestheline Threads

Aestheline PDO Threads , it is a thread with no cones, thus no damage to the tissue. This is the same thread used in Cardiac and other surgeries as sutures, and thus it is very safe. Threads are implanted into the sub-dermal skin and stimulate the production of collagen, the skin becomes firmer, elastic and moisturised. The Aestheline Threads dissolves itself in couple of months but the effect last for 18-24 months. The Aestheline Threads can be applied to anywhere on the body, such as a flabby face, cheeks, eyebrows, to prevent eye bags, sagging neck skin, fine lines, wrinkles and lifting of breast.

Significant Difference, Long-Lasting Results.The results speak for themselves.The results speak for themselves. For further information AestheLine,click the button below.


Aestheline Threads

Aestheline Threads

Aestheline Threads

Aestheline Threads

  Company Information

Aestheline Threads


Dermax,with a comprehensive product portfolio is a leading innovator of advanced aesthetic medical technologies.


The Company's technology enables physicians to provide excellent soluntions for a broad range of medical- aesthetic 

application including face and body reshaping, resurfacing skin, eliminating fine lines or wrinkles treating scars,

or removing unwanted hair.we've built in the easy of use, versatility,intuitiveness and value that allow physicians 

to do what they do best.

The company is always looking forward to developing new solutions,products and industry-leading services designed 

around the needs of our partner physicians. So that can deliver better results,faster and safer than ever before.

Aestheline Threads




Q: What is the MOQ?

A: We welcome small quantity for testing. MOQ is only 1 package!


Q: Can I mix different models?

A: Sure!


Q: Can I add or delete items from my order if I change my mind?

A: Yes!


Q: Can I put my own logo (OEM)?

A: Yes!


Q: When you ship my order?

A: Normally 2 days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order quantity. Hope you could understand! 


Q: How can you guarantee the production quality?

A: We have 13-year experience. We have strictly quality control system in our production process. We have 4 times inspection for each finished product before package.

Q Which areas are most effectively treated with PDO threads?

A:Face, neck, eyebrows, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, jaw line and double chins, as well as body areas in thin patients.

QWhat to do if a thread becomes visible through the skin on the neck?

A:Neck skin is very delicate and highly translucent; the blue colour of the thread will not last and will dissolve in the skin after about two weeks. So one should wait.

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