Can you wash your face normally after injecting hyaluronic acid

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aqua secreta

HA is widely distributed in all parts of the human body. The skin also contains a lot of hyaluronic acid. Human skin maturity and aging process also changes with the content of hyaluronic acid and metabolism, it can improve skin nutrient metabolism, make the skin soft, smooth, wrinkled, increase elasticity, prevent aging, moisturizing at the same time is good. Used in conjunction with other nutrients, it can have a more ideal effect on promoting nutrient absorption.

After the injection of hyaluronic acid injection, the injection site should be kept dry and clean, generally 6 hours can wash the face, but proper cleaning is OK, pay attention to the gentle action do not damage the application site. Hyaluronic acid itself exists in the human body, and with age, hyaluronic acid is constantly lost: the content of hyaluronic acid on the face reaches 100% in infancy, and hyaluronic acid begins to lose after the age of 25, leaving only 65% of the juvenile at the age of 30 and only 25% at the age of 60. The loss of hyaluronic acid, the skin will lose the ability to store water, loose, dry, rough, dull, depressed, flat, aging ensues. Micro-plastic injection of hyaluronic acid can comprehensively improve all skin problems caused by hyaluronic acid loss, so that the skin can return to infancy.

Donts After injection

Smoking and drinking are not allowed within one week after the injection of hyaluronic acid After the injection of hyaluronic acid, it is not allowed to smoke and drink, because hyaluronic acid filling belongs to non-animal stable hyaluronic acid, and tobacco and alcohol will affect the activity of non-animal stable hyaluronic acid, which is not conducive to the play of hyaluronic acid filling effect; Moreover, after the injection of hyaluronic acid, the skin at the injection site is still relatively fragile, and drinking alcohol may cause allergies to the wound, which is not conducive to rapid wound recovery. In severe cases, it may also affect wound infection; In addition, alcohol will stimulate human blood circulation, and just after injecting hyaluronic acid filling, there may be a slight swelling at the injection site, and drinking alcohol at this time is likely to aggravate the swelling.

Avoid makeup within 24 hours after injection of hyaluronic acid

Within 24 hours after injection of hyaluronic acid, you should avoid touching the wound after the injection of hyaluronic acid with your hands, and you should not wash your face and make up, and avoid the needle mouth of the face injected with hyaluronic acid due to the invasion of bacteria, so that the needle position will be infected.