Can you smile after PDO threads?

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magik thread

After pdo threading, there will be a sense of traction when you do too big an expression, so it is recommended to avoid big expressions such as laughter for about a week. However, because the individual's physique is different, the recovery situation is different, so there will be differences in time. After pdo threading, you should still try to control your emotions and avoid exaggerated expressions, because the position of the material after line carving is not very stable, and exaggerated expressions or kneading actions will easily affect the effect of pdo threading. 

How to care after facial pdo threading?

0-3 days after facial pdo threading: Bandage pressure to the wound to prevent bleeding hematoma.

0-7 days after facial pdo threading: the wound should not be stained with water before the stitch removal, and those with needle eyes on the face should wash their faces on the 4th day after surgery and cannot massage their faces.

Precautions after face pdo threading

1. The wound of the face pdo threading should not be stained with water within a week, and the hair can be washed 24 hours after the stitch removal, but it is necessary to try to avoid water flowing to the pinhole of the face pdo threading.

2. Do not scratch the wound with your hands, keep the wound clean and dry.

3. Do not smoke, drink, do not eat spicy and irritating foods and seafood, so as not to cause symptoms of allergies after facial pdo threading.

4. After face line carving, you need to avoid strenuous exercise to prevent the wire displacement of face pdo threading. If the girls do something with threads buried in their faces, they need to avoid strenuous activities such as exaggerated laughter.

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