Can you eat seafood after injecting botulism

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It is best to eat it after a while, seafood is easy to cause allergies, prevention is the main way.

Botulinum toxin injection is a safe and effective face-lifting cosmetic treatment method. Face-lifting Botulinum Toxin injection can achieve a certain face-lifting effect in a short period of time. However, how long the specific face-lifting needles will be effective has a certain relationship with personal care. At the same time, face-lifting needles are used in clinical medicine It is not considered to be a permanent face-lifting effect, but an ideal maintenance effect can be achieved under very thoughtful care.

Face-lift injection is a small procedure that can be done in about 30 minutes. Not only does it make a face with hypertrophic masseter muscles slender and contoured, but it can also help delay the appearance of fine lines. After the treatment, the face may be slightly swollen and numb for about three days, but don't worry, it will take up to seven days to fully recover. Before injection, face-lifting needles are powdery crystals and white loose bodies. There are 50 units and 100 units. In order to avoid adverse reactions of face-lifting needles, 100 units must be used for face-lifting. When preparing, it is generally dissolved with sterile physiological saline and sodium chloride injection, and it becomes a colorless or pale yellow liquid after dissolving. 

Do a postoperative care to avoid adverse reactions of face-lifting injections. 

  1. Keep the natural diffusion within 3cm around the injection area of the face-lifting area, do not massage to avoid excessive diffusion;  

  2. In order to avoid the adverse reactions of the face-lifting needle, the patient should not lie down within 4 to 6 hours after the injection of Botulinum Toxin face-lifting, in order to avoid Botulinum Toxin scattered. Within 6 hours, do not wash your face, do not put on makeup, do not touch the injection site, and do not exercise.

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