Can Hyaluronic acid fillers slim your face?

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Hyaluronic acid filler can also achieve the effect of slimming the face. Many people have the impression that hyaluronic acid injection can only play a role in filling and removing wrinkles, but they did not expect that hyaluronic acid is also shaping, and the effect of slimming the face can be achieved through shaping.

Using the shaping advantages of hyaluronic acid can improve the aspect ratio, contour line, and three-dimensional axis of the face, so that not only visually makes the face look thinner, but also thinner, more delicate, natural, and the proportion of the face is more coordinated.

People with sunken cheeks and sunken apple muscles are not soft and full enough, aggravating the vision of the wide zygomatic arch, and the face looks wide and flat. With hyaluronic acid, you can create an S-line face that will look small and delicate, and it also increases the three-dimensionality, thus achieving the effect of slimming the face. 

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