Botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid

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Botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid

First of all,as for Skin composition,

The structure of the skin is supported by the extracellular matrix, which gives the skin elasticity and resistance. The extracellular matrix is a structure composed of proteins and fibers, produced mainly by fibroblasts. The component that binds these elements is collagen, a protein that ensures the structural integrity of the skin. Fibroblasts stretch and contract through the collagen network. During the aging process, collagen fibers deteriorate, resulting in a loss of mechanical tension and the appearance of wrinkles.

The second, Hyaluronic acid for face and lips:

Dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid are injected directly into the deep dermis, creating an immediate filling and correcting localized loss of volume.

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for maintaining the moisture levels of the skin, since it has the property of retaining water. In addition, the activity of fibroblasts is also stimulated, facilitating the creation of new collagen. Over time, the new collagen will strengthen the structure of the dermis and the carrier microspheres are gradually reabsorbed, giving way to the creation of elastin.

Botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid (2)

What’s more,as for Botulinum toxin:

Botulinum toxin treatment is used to eliminate dynamic or expression lines. Contraction of a muscle occurs when its fibers are stimulated by electrical impulses. Calcium causes the vesicles that contain the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to bind to the cell membrane of the neuron, releasing acetylcholine to the synaptic space where the neuron meets the muscle fiber, causing it to contract.

The last,as for Botulinum Toxin for face:

Botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid (3)

The infiltration of botulinum toxin into the muscle under the skin of the area to be treated, works by blocking the release of acetylcholine and the subsequent electrical impulse, which results in temporary muscle paralysis and causing relaxation. With this effect it is intended that expression wrinkles disappear. It can also be used as therapy in temporomandibular dysfunctions, or to correct lip hypertonicity. The effect has a temporary duration of between three to six months.

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