Botulax and Meditoxin,which is better for face-lifting?

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Botulax and Meditoxin,which is better for face-lifting?

The face-lift needle injection is the fastest and most effective face-lifting coup, and it is also the most popular among women now.

So how should we choose it? Let’s take a look at the difference between the botulax and the meditoxin. Which one is better?

The difference between  them is that the duration is different.

Botulax and Meditoxin,which is better for face-lifting

1. The duration of the results is not the same

The face-lift needle injection of Meditoxin will work faster than the botulax, but the duration of the results is generally not as long as the botulax (Generally Meditoxin will keep the results for 3 to 4 months). The effect of meditoxin on the face is relatively strong. According to the experience of users who have been injected with the two products, the face-lifting result of meditoxin is slightly better.

The efficacy of botulax is relatively longer than that of meditoxin, which can last for 6 months to 12 months. However, the effect of the face-lift needle injection of botulax  will be slightly slower. The character of the botulax face-lifting needle is very gentle.

So which is better, meditoxin or botulax?

Botulax and Meditoxin,which is better for face-lifting (3)

Meditoxin is a classic of Botulinum toxin. Mainly 100 units. It is the most suitable for girls who do Botulinum toxin for the first time. After the injection, they will feel soreness in the masseter muscle. After a week, they will clearly feel that the masseter muscle softens and the face becomes smaller. The result is obvious.

The difference between botulax and meditoxin is that botulax is slightly less powerful.

Besides, according to customer feedback, the results of meditoxin are still better, but the soreness of botulax will be slightly lighter than that of meditoxin.

Here at Dermax ,your safety is our number one priority ,and we always strive to deliver the most professional help and the best price!

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Botulax and Meditoxin,which is better for face-lifting (2)