Botulax 100 Fiyat

Composition: Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A Application part: Face,neck Volume: 100 units Duration: 6-8months Packing: 1 vial Storage: 2 ~ 8°C
  • Botulax

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Botulax is manufactured in South Korea by Hugel Inc., being an almost complete analogue of several products from other manufacturers.

Botulax is a typical preparation of botulinum toxin type a for intramuscular injection to correct muscle activity. In cosmetology, it is used to obtain the effect of denervation of facial muscles of the face, which ultimately leads to 

immobilization of muscles and the elimination of the causes of the appearance of facial wrinkles. 

Details of hot types of botulinum toxin type a at dermax

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How to dilute botulax 100 ?

  • Botulinum 200units – 5ml of saline

  • Botulinum 100units – 2.5ml of saline

  • Botulinum 50units – 1.25ml of saline

Why use Botulax 100:

  • With excellent patient tolerance, this Botulax 100 is extremely potent, long-lasting, 100% safe, and highly pure.

  • Botulinum 100 comes in freeze-dried white transparent powder form without harmful additives, stabilizers, or chemicals.

  • Gives instant results and provides natural looking lift to your face and neck, while avoiding that frozen-face effect.

  • Homogenous and fine size of the complex ensures uniform penetration, distribution, and minimum pain while injecting.